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Business Profile

ABM Contractors was established in 2000 and are based in Emerald, Central Queensland. We specialise in all aspects of underground mining, providing general underground and surface services and pride ourselves on having completed every major project that we have been awarded ahead of time and under budget and zero harm. A distinct and unique portfolio of experiences enables ABM to not only differentiate but surpass competitors in quality, innovation and value in a fiercely competitive market. The conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet is a responsibility ABM embraces. The business continually strives to facilitate the least possible disruption to the natural or built environment. Our current project is Carlborough Downs and past projects include Cook Colliery, Crinum Mine and Kestrel Mine Extension.

Products and Services

  • General Services
  • Fault Driveage
  • Ground Support
  • Coal Development
  • Longwall Support
  • Ventilation Services
  • Equipment Hire/Sales/Repairs
  • Convey or Installation
  • Mining Consumables
  • Supplementary labour hire
  • Underground Fall Recovery Specialists
  • Underground roadway maintenance and recovery
  • Civil Open Cut Mine Services
  • Underground and Open Cut Shotcrete Services

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Contact Details

Head Office
Unit 3
62 Hospital Road

Emerald QLD 4720
+61 7 4982 2174
+61 438 751 525
ABN  74140996489
+61 02 4225 8489
Nexus Mining provides innovative labour and project solutions to the Underground Coal Market. We achieve success by providing services tailored to our clients' needs, whilst striving to become the sectors employer of choice by leading teams based on accountability, career opportunity, and collaboration.
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Origini Labour Hire will prevent the loss of opportunity for my fellow Indigenous Australians and alike.
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+61 04 0715 0552
Supply of electrical consumables to the mining industry. We also specialise in project management and project execution as well as supplying labour hire as required.
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