Tendering for Defence projects? You’ll probably need a Quad Chart

More and more defence projects expect a Quad Chart in tender responses. But they can be expensive and time consuming to develop. That’s where we can help.

What are Quad Charts?

The Defence industry uses Quad Charts to help buyers quickly assess who your business is, what your business does, what sets it apart, and more.

It takes time to develop a quality Quad chart, and we know you're time poor. That's why with a Premium or Be Compelling subscription you can generate an automated, professional Quad Chart in minutes.

Use our Quad Charts to promote your business's products and services, key strengths, clients, and much more in a few easy steps.

How it works

Once the information is in your Quad Chart, you can tailor your content, depending on the tender you are submitting. Then you can download and share instantly to promote your business's products and services, and well as its key strengths, clients and more.

Tailor, download and share instantly.

Upgrade today to start building your custom Quad Chart

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