Gateway by ICN is Australia’s most comprehensive supply chain solution, connecting the most capable verified suppliers in the regions with projects, big or small.

It's a simple, easy-to-use tool for project owners to promote upcoming procurement and contracting opportunities, and for suppliers to showcase their capabilities.

In fact, some of the country’s largest tier one and two contractors trust Gateway by ICN, backed by ICN’s network of Industry Specialists, to help them meet local content requirements.

ICN bridges the gap between businesses and projects to create invaluable connections designed to propel your business forward.


Be part of Australia and New Zealand’s largest network of projects and suppliers


Speak to a real person with real industry experience

Save Time

Hear about opportunities as they happen giving you more time to respond

Bolster Economy

Maximise the number of Australian companies gaining a greater share of opportunities

For Suppliers

Unlock your potential with Gateway by ICN – Your Gateway to Australian and New Zealand projects!

In an increasingly competitive market, Gateway by ICN opens up new opportunities for your business. You can search for projects online and register your interest directly.

You can also upload your own profile that can be searched by project owners and procurement managers around Australia, as well as ICN's own Industry Specialists.

Your Gateway profile is your resumé for new business. Simply, the more we know about you now and in the future, the better we can match your profile with projects and industry opportunities around Australia.

Get started today:

  • Register on Gateway. You can join for FREE or select one of our packages below.
  • Complete your profile - this should take around 30 minutes. You don’t have to do it all straight away. You can save it and come back later.
  • Set up your notifications. This way we can send you notifications for projects and work packages that meet your capabilities.
  • Start expressing interest in work packages!
Join the ICN community and experience the power of collaboration, the ease of opportunity and access the growth that comes from being at the forefront of your industry.

For Project Owners

Save time and money with Gateway and easily promote upcoming procurement and contracting opportunities to local suppliers. Think of it as your essential connection to the best local suppliers, whatever your industry.

Combined with the supply chain expertise of our Australia-wide Industry Specialists, you can attract local content while stimulating and fostering an open and competitive marketplace.

  • Your project page remains active for the life of the project, and suppliers can browse and register interest all in once place.
  • Clearly define the scope of your project with itemised work packages on your project page to allow suppliers and contractors to submit an expression of interest.
  • Maximise the exposure of your project, with automatic notifications sent to all registered companies every time you list a new package.
  • End-to-end compliance with industry participation policies and support industry’s social licence to operate, ensuring that our local economy wins.

For more information contact us today.

Streamline your procurement processes with Procure by ICN

Discover new data and insights

Procure by ICN allows you to streamline all your procurement processes into one, easy-to-use system. Connected to ICN’s network of over verified Australian suppliers, you are sure to find the best fit supplier for your project.

  • Manage it all in one place.
  • Easily onboard suppliers.
  • Get advanced data analytics and insights.
  • Demonstrate investment into local suppliers and social license.
Our Industry Specialists are ready to help you tap into local supply chains.

For Government

Accelerate local industry participation

Gateway by ICN provides government a way to link outcomes across portfolios to build capability and capacity.

Use Gateway by ICN and our network of Industry Specialists to:

  • map and match industry capabilities to drive economic growth
  • create strong, competitive and sustainable industry sectors, crucial to a thriving Australian economy
  • identify indigenous businesses or number of employees, by area and industry
  • ascertain detailed verified business capability at the national, state or local level

For Market Analysts

Discover new data and insights

Along with our automatic system checks all supplier data on Gateway by ICN has been verified by our Industry Specialists, meaning that our information is accurate and up to date.

Using Gateway by ICN data you can:

  • bring an additional layer of supplier analysis to new and existing markets
  • combine ICN data with other data sources to gain a greater understanding of the Australian industry sector or supply chain
  • identify opportunities for local suppliers to tap into adjacent markets or industry segments

All your procurement and supply chain solutions in one place