Nupress Group

Business Profile

The Nupress Group is an Australian owned manufacturer of precision components and assemblies supporting local and global supply chains in the defence and aerospace, construction, mining and power generation industries backed by fully-accredited manufacturing capabilities. some of our end users include Boeing, Toshiba, Lockheed Martin, BAE systems, Varley, EOS, Rheinmetal and ADF.

Products and Services

  • Precision machining
  • Complex Manufacturing
  • Innovation/ Value engineering
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Assembly
  • Kitting Services


  • AS9100 Rev D
  • ISO9001-2015
  • EARs / ITAR compliant to customer specific programs

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Contact Details

Nupress Group World Head quarters
11 Nelson Road
Cardiff NSW 2285
+61 2 4903 9300
ABN  36001068220

Other Locations

Concord ON
+61 2 4646 1511
Opening its doors in 1974, NEPEAN Engineering and Innovation is now one of Australia's largest privately owned engineering service providers and has built up an elite design & project management team who understands the diverse nature of engineering. NEPEAN Engineering and Innovation has the depth, diversity, capability and experience to successfully deliver on the largest and most complex engineering projects. For over 45 years, NEPEAN Engineering and Innovation has maintained its culture which recognises and respects the importance of all participants in the business, building lasting relationships with employees, as well as sub-contractors and our valued customers. Team members resourced to each job are hand-picked according to the specific project requirements in terms of experience, specialist skills and problem-solving capabilities.
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Perrott Engineering offers a comprehensive hydraulic and precision engineering service from simple hose and fitting supply to a total design, manufacture and installation of complete systems. We carry extensive stocks of hydraulic components and equipment in Cairns and are the appointed sales and service distributors for most of the leading hydraulic OEM's. Our extensive range of machinery and equipment in our Cairns facility has made us one of the leading hydraulic specialists businesses in Northern Australia.
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Toolcraft Australia is a leading aerospace manufacturing and technology development company, which has supplied precision components and assemblies to the defence, aviation, space, hypersonics, electronics, medical and renewable energy industries for over 40 years. As a top tier aerospace company, Toolcraft partners with world leading businesses to design, engineer and manufacture advanced products, systems and technologies. At the heart of our Aerospace Technology Centre lie 20 precision CNC machines (+/- 0.005mm tolerance). Complimentary facilities include 3 environmentally controlled coordinate measuring machine (CMM) rooms equipped with complete scanning and reporting systems, 3 electrical discharge machine (EDM) wire cutters / spark eroders, and a progressive industry 4.0 manufacturing culture. Toolcraft is an Approved Supplier for DST Group and many defence primes, including BAE Systems, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Thales and Rheinmetall.
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