Baker Hughes, a GE COmpany

Contact Details

Warehouse, office, yard, lab

108 Poole Street
Welshpool WA 6106
(0618) 9350 3817

ABN  65009080951

Other Locations

Perth WA

Company Profile

Baker Hughes GE Process & Pipeline Services (BHGE PPS) consists of Pipeline Pre-Commissioning Services, Pipeline Commissioning Services, Pipeline Inspection Services (ILI), Pipeline Operational, Maintenance and Abandonment Services, Process Pre-Commissioning Services, Process Commissioning Services, Process Operational and Maintenance and Shutdown Services both onshore and offshore. Baker Hughes (BHI) is also a leading provider of Pressure Pumping Services (Coil Tubing, Cementing, Fraccing etc…), Industrial Services (Decontamination, Chemical Cleaning etc..) and various other oilfield services, servicing the Oil and Gas industry worldwide.

Products and Services

Process and Pipeline Services (Nitrogen Services / Pipeline Pre-Com / Decontamination Services etc...)
Pressure Pumping Services
Permanent Packers
Flushing Services
Flow control equipment
Inflatable packers
Liner hanger systems
Machine shop
Open hole drill stem testing
Production Equipment and Services
Remedial and stimulation products
Retreivable packers
Safety Systems
Thru tubing services (fishing and inflate)
Well testing - open hole
Completions & production
Well Completions
Wellbore Construction
Well Intervention


ISO 9001:2008
NATA Accredited