Uneek Bending Co Pty Ltd

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63 Mark Anthony Drive
Dandenong South VIC 3175

+61 3 9771 4900
+61 3 9771 4949

ABN  35104999493

Company Profile

Uneek Bending is Australia’s leading Metal Bending, Metal Rolling & Welding specialist company servicing industries from Transport, Power, Defence, Telecommunication, Building, Mining, Chemical and Food. Providing everything from bent and fabricated tube and pipe components such as underfloor piping and various Stanchions for the Transport sector, complete Superheater elements, burner openings, economisers, convection bank tubes and other boiler pressure components for the Power sector. Hydraulic tube lines, exhaust pipes, side steps and other bent and fabricated assemblies for the Defence sector. Conveyor frames for the Mining sector, curved Aluminium window frames and other curved structural components for the Building sector. Headframes for mobile phone towers for the Telecommunications sector. Heating and Cooling coils and heat exchangers for the Chemical and Food sector. We can Design and take product from prototype to production.

Products and Services

Power station heat exchangers & convection tubes
Mobile phone circular headframes & antenna poles
Train, tram & bus handrails & under floor piping
Curved & round aluminium window frames
Crystallizer coils & super heater coils
Boiler erosion shields & clipsM


Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015
Environmental Managements system ISO 14001:2015
Occupational Health & Safety system OHSAS 18001:2007