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Red Appointments is an Australian, privately-owned recruitment company that provides companies in many industries with workforce services. Our Business Partners include some of Australia's most respected companies and RED Appointments staff have worked on many of Australia's largest projects, particularly in large scale commercial solar farms and other construction projects. We are a locally owned and operated contract labour and recruitment company specialising in construction, administration, hospitality, professional and technical personal. Also have a substantial Indigenous workforce. Our strengths lie in our sector expertise, our ability to meet tough briefs and our capacity to offer human-resource advisory services to our clients. We understand that our clients do not want an 'off-the-shelf' solution, but a well-considered, tailored approach to the provision of human resource specifically suited to their business, at that time.

Products and Services

  • Labour Hire
  • Permanent recruitment
  • Indigenous employment services
  • HR Consulting

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NT Head Office
Unit 33, 119 Reichardt Road
Winnellie NT 0820
+61 8 8947 0443
0400 294 953
ABN  83153591587
+61 02 9633 2778
Starling Services provides flexible, as-needed Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting services to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. At Starling Service, our focus is to connect organisations with professionals who can help them gain increased value and a competitive edge through the effective use of technology. Our expertise comes from years of working alongside with top hospitality, telecommunication, retail and utilities companies in Australia but also working with government bodies and small to medium locally owned organisations in both the private and public sectors. Starling Services is the HR outsourcing consulting firm that businesses turn to for convenient and cost-effective solutions. Composed of generalists and specialists, our highly accomplished team covers the spectrums of HR disciplines. Our services are delivered on an hourly basis, offering a pay-for-use approach as well as a per employee per month basis, both proving economical and well within
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