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Colin Young - Victoria
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About Flotation Energy

Flotation Energy is a specialist offshore wind developer with global experience in project delivery. With projects in the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. The team has been involved in building over 3 GW of offshore wind projects including Kincardine, the world's biggest operational floating offshore wind farm off Aberdeen, Scotland. There is a tremendous opportunity to make offshore wind a significant contributor to Australia's power generation and a net zero future. Flotation Energy's expertise and hands-on experience mean they are ready to deliver a successful outcome for the Seadragon project in Gippsland and help shape the new offshore wind industry in Australia.

About the Project

Seadragon is a proposed 1,500 MW offshore wind farm and electricity transmission project. The wind turbine generators will be on fixed foundations and installed 20 - 40 kms off Ninety Mile Beach between Paradise Beach and McGaurans Beach, in Bass Strait, Gippsland. Floating foundations are also under consideration. Inter-array cables will connect the turbines to offshore substation platforms and then HVAC transmission cables from those substations will connect the wind farm to onshore transmission infrastructure. There will be onshore substations and transmission infrastructure to connect into the grid in the Latrobe Valley.

Project development will include a program of environmental and cultural heritage surveys, geophysical / geotechnical / ground investigations, technical design, planning and environmental approvals, workforce development and work to build the supply chain and port capability.

The Seadragon project has been in development since 2019 and will be one of Australia's first offshore wind farms. The offshore wind farm is planned to commence construction in 2028 and expected to be operational from 2030.

Project Timeline

2022 to 2023

Scoping and Feasibility is underway and scheduled to be completed towards the end of 2022

2022 to 2025

Development phase begins, which includes environmental assessments, ongoing public consultation, and approval processes. This phase is scheduled to be completed toward the end of 2025

2025 to 2027

Detailed design phase begins, our team will be refining the design, plans and specifications

2028 to 2030

The execution phase begins, and construction is underway.

2030 Onwards

Operation begins. Flotation Energy start supplying renewable electricity into the grid for homes and businesses across Victoria. Operation, monitoring and maintenance of the wind farm is likely to be based at a local port.

Industry Briefing

Date and Time: Wed., 18 January 2023,5:00 pm - 6:00 pm AEDT

Location: Online

Click here to register for the Industry Briefing.

Useful Links

Click here to find out more about Flotation Energy

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During the development, construction and operational phases, Flotation Energy will be seeking support from experienced and capable suppliers and partners of all sizes and across a range of disciplines to help bring Seadragon to life.

In line with community values, Flotation Energy's preference is to support local Gippsland-based businesses and have already engaged with and built partnerships with several local businesses to date. Flotation Energy encourage all businesses to register interest.


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