Service Provider Directory for SA Landing Pad

The Department for Trade and Investment (DTI) is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from South Australian businesses as professional service providers to support the South Australian Landing Pad.

Rolled out in 2019, the SA Landing Pad is designed to attract international and interstate companies with transformational and high-growth potential across the nine priority sectors of the Growth State Plan. The SA Landing Pad provides funding to those companies as grant recipients to help them become established in South Australia as part of their expansion in the Asia Pacific Region, Australia or South Australia.

The funding will be used by grant recipients to access professional services such as accounting, business advisory, legal advice, recruitment, migration services, marketing etc as well as subsidised office accommodation.  These services are to be provided by local South Australian businesses so that the SA Landing Pad can help stimulate the local economy and create jobs.

The following services are eligible for funding:

  • Office accommodation - office accommodation within any Adelaide or regional South Australian co-working space, innovation hubs or alternative accommodation types (serviced offices, property lease, etc.)
  • Business strategy - Studies on growth opportunities, funding, marketing and digital strategy, etc
  • Capital structure - Deal advisory on investment structure (M&A, divestment, etc.), capital raising and stock exchange listing. Governance and statutory records
  • Accounting - Advice and development of accounting system, registrations, cross border accounting
  • Taxation - Advice on taxation obligations, payroll tax, reporting obligations and registration
  • Migration advice - Advice and assistance with migration and visa requirements/procedure
  • Grant eligibility - Advice on research and development opportunities, eligibility, etc
  • Legal and regulatory - Advice on regulatory standards, intellectual property laws, local consumer protection regulations and process. Development or review of contracts
  • HR/Recruitment - Advice and assistance with human resources strategy and recruitment, terms of employment (salaries, benefits, etc.); recruitment exercise
  • Back office services - Bookkeeping, annual report and payroll, etc
  • Import and export - Advice on sales and distribution process and networks, market entry strategy, market research focusing on Australia, business missions, in-country support (funding, partnerships, etc.)
  • IT - Advice on information technology infrastructure, data management, tests and development, etc
  • Facilities - Real estate advice
  • Communication - Strategic brand, marketing and communication services, graphic design, web and app design, film, video and photography services, accessibility review and audit services; authoring and editorial services; translation services
  • Client/partner engagement - Advice in relation to commercial partnership arrangements and agreements with local South Australian entities
  • Market Research/analysis - Advice in relation to market research and analysis focusing on the business’ market expansion from SA

Through the EOI, DTI will develop a directory of local service providers who can provide professional expertise to SA Landing Pad participants. The directory will be provided to SA Landing Pad participants for information only, and DTI would not endorse any of the providers listed in the document. Being listed in the directory does not guarantee a service provider will be engaged by a SA Landing Pad participant. Each participant is responsible for identifying, selecting and contracting their optimal service provider(s). DTI will have no contractual relationship with the provider(s).

Companies interested in being included in the South Australian Landing Pad service provider directory are asked to respond to the EOI by submitting their response via the work package listed on the 'work packages' tab. This includes service providers listed in the previous version of the directory.

Create your company profile on ICN Gateway here.

Indicative Timeline:

  • EOI opens: 4 November 2021
  • EOI closes: 3 December 2021
  • Directory published: late December 2021

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Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest are subject to change.