Centre for National Resilience - Melbourne Project (Quarantine Facility)

The Centre for National Resilience, will meet Victoria’s need for a purpose-built alternative accommodation facility to support the safe return of Australians from overseas and ensure the safety of the Australian community.

Tranche 1 for the Centre for National Resilience, Melbourne will be a new 1,000 bed centre at Mickleham. 

The Centre will be built and owned by the Federal Government but will be operated by the Victorian Government for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project includes modular buildings to provide accommodation to single people, couples and family groups.

Multiplex’s Role

Multiplex has entered into a Managing Contractor Contract (MCC) with the Australian Government Department of Finance to deliver the Centre for National Resilience, Melbourne. The MCC requires that Multiplex engage Subcontractors to deliver the Works.

To increase opportunities available to Subcontractors and Suppliers, Multiplex has identified a number of work packages which it can engage through a two-stage tender process. This first stage, the Invitation to Register Interest (ITR), will enable the Project to short-list organisations to be invited to a Request for Tender (RFT). The two-stage tender process increases opportunities for companies to tender for the works.

Work Packages

The Subcontracts Trades are being procured across two Priorities. A Work Package is shown for each Priority with multiple trades in each. Respondents can apply for one or more trades within a Priority in their response:

Work Package – Priority 2:

  • Civil Works - Package 02 (Balance of Bulk Earthworks, Foundations and Services Trenching)
  • Landscaping (Early Works + Priority 2)
  • Fencing (Early Works and Supply)
  • Civil Works - Package 03 (Concrete, Roads & Linemarking)
  • Mechanical
  • Structural Steel (Works and Supply)
  • Brickwork / Blockwork
  • Roofing, Façade & Fall Arrest System (Works and Supply)
  • Roller Shutters
  • Waterproofing & Roofing Membrane
  • Plasterboard  Walls & Ceilings including Fit Out Works, Glazing, Cold Room Storage
  • Painting
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • FF&E (Priority 2)
  • Internal Cages / Fences / Partitions
  • Signage

Work Package – Priority 3

  • Final Clean (inc. Medical Clean)
  • FF&E (Priority 3)

A separate “Any Opportunities” Package has also been included for companies to provide a general expression of interest. This list may be passed to organisations who are shortlisted to receive a Request for Tender for a trade package.

Eligibility to submit an Invitation to Register Interest

All companies wishing to be considered for the performance of Subcontracts involving Works will need to demonstrate they comply with the Building Code 2016 during the ITR process.


  • To submit an initial EOI, companies must have an ICN Gateway company profile. Information on how to register your company on ICN Gateway is detailed below.
  • This is an initial, generic EOI submission only. All companies who submit an EOI will be included in information presented to Construction Companies who are shortlisted to bid for this Project.
  • The services, programmes and initiatives provided by ICN Victoria are aimed at complementing a company's existing Sales, Marketing Procurement, and Business Development strategy and any EOI submitted should not be considered as an alternative to these activities.


  • Click here to register your company profile on ICN Gateway.
  • Support and assistance is available through the web links listed below.
  • An ICN Gateway company profile that accurately and effectively summarises your company is critical to using the services of the ICN network - please ensure that your company invests the time and energy required to represent your company in the most effective manner possible.
  • Companies should ensure that the email notification functionality within their ICN Gateway company profile is activated to include an appropriate level of coverage to ICN Information and Updates, Major Projects and Regional Opportunities.

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