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The Project

The new Sydney Fish Market (nSFM) will be purpose-built to expand and improve the functions of the existing Sydney Fish Market, which is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. The new facility will be located within an improved public domain at the head of Blackwattle Bay, adjacent to the existing market, and provide linkages to surrounding areas and public transport.

In essence, the nSFM development comprises a 4 story structure, surrounded by several external precincts. These precincts include new foreshore promenades, wharves, outdoor dining areas, integrated public domain spaces, and road upgrade works to Bridge Road.

The building itself will house a range of retail premises, wholesale facilities, auction rooms, offices and commercial space, the Sydney Seafood School, and various back-of-house facilities including car, truck, and coach parking spaces. The nSFM will be supported by state of the art back-of-house plant and recycling/waste management facilities.

Throughout the course of the project, the existing Sydney Fish Market must continue to operate and trade without disruption. Due consideration will also need to be given to the various stakeholder and environmental sensitivities, as well as the significant authority interface and approvals requirements.

A flythough of the project can be viewed here and general information about the project is available here

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Thuy Ho
Senior Consultant | Sydney Metropolitan
+61 2 9927 3100

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Create EOICloses: 28 Oct 2021
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Closed: 27 Aug 2021
AccordianPlus Concrete
Closed: 14 Jun 2021
AccordianPlus Dewatering
Closed: 24 Jun 2021
AccordianPlus Digital Signage
Closed: 17 Sep 2021
AccordianPlus Floating Formwork
Closed: 21 May 2021
AccordianPlus Formwork
Closed: 21 May 2021
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Closed: 30 Aug 2021
Closed: 30 Jun 2021
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Closed: 28 May 2021
AccordianPlus Reinforcement Supply
Closed: 28 May 2021
AccordianPlus Scaffold Hire
Closed: 05 Jun 2021
AccordianPlus Sea Habitats
Closed: 30 May 2021
Closed: 15 Aug 2021
AccordianPlus Waterproofing
Closed: 16 Jun 2021
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