Mardie Salt & Potash Project

Mardie Minerals Pty Ltd (Mardie) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BCI Minerals Limited (BCI). The Mardie Salt & Potash Project (the Project) is located within Australia’s major salt producing region on the West Pilbara coast. The Project is proposing to be Australia’s first to produce salt and Sulphate of Potash (SOP) through the evaporation of seawater. The evaporation production process is powered largely through natural solar and wind energy, meaning sustainable supply of salt and potash. The Project will produce high purity salt that will be used mainly within the chemical manufacturing industry. SOP will be used as a premium fertiliser to improve plant growth and drought resistance. The Project includes the following components;

·        large scale earthworks associated with construction of evaporative ponds, salt crystallisers and

         SOP crystallisers

·        salt wash and stockpile facilities

·        SOP production and storage facility

·        new accommodation Village

·        non process infrastructure

·        port marine structures – 2.5km Jetty

·        dredging

·        power station and gas pipeline

·        production water and associated pumping

·        communications infrastructure

·        potable water supply and reticulation

·        medium haulage and light vehicle roads

·        upgrades to existing water feed infrastructure

It is a BCI Minerals requirement that standards utilised are either Australian or internationally recognised equivalents, unless otherwise justified due to specific technological, commercial, intellectual property or similar requirements. All invitations to tender, tender and contract document references will stipulate required standards requirements. In certain circumstances, materials specifications in tender documents may be met by using either Australian or internationally recognised standards.  The Project is committed to local and indigenous engagement according to the Project’s approved Australian Industry Participation plan (summary publicly available).

The anticipated project delivery schedule will be approximately four years, subject to the necessary approvals.

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WA Australia (Onshore)

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Georgie McInerney
Supply Chain Consultant
+61 8 9365 7491

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