Geelong Arts Centre Stage 3 Redevelopment

As one of Australia's top construction companies, Lendlease are recognised for market leading project management, design and construction services. We love a challenge and solving problems. Our clients come to us when it’s important: to handle complexity, drive delivery, offer strategic and long term value, and to create innovative solutions.                                                                                                                                               

The project aims to deliver the following scope:

  • a new 500 seat drama theatre
  • a new 250 seat courtyard theatre
  • a new black box theatre
  • an outdoor atrium
  • more dining options
  • an upgraded box office
  • and refurbished back of house and administration facilities

Subject to budget constraints and/or additional funding, the project will incorporate the following GAC strategic and operational priorities:

  • Complete compliance upgrade works to the Playhouse Theatre
  • Complete the Church Theatre
  • Sequence the works in line with GAC’s operational objectives through early works packages as appropriate
  • Explore revenue generating assets for GAC such as carparking, café, restaurants, function centres
  • Provide the best value for money outcome for GAC given the funding constraints
  • Ensure that best-practice design solutions are utilised to address operational requirements for the facility and its business needs
  • Incorporate technology as critical to the future success of any future thinking performing arts centre
  • and complete Digital Business Transformation Strategy across the facility by upgrading and integrating all ICT Systems

Compliance with all Lendlease EHS & QA requirements (details to be issued with relevant tender packages) 

Subcontractors and suppliers are requested to provide the following information: Company details including number of employees and average annual turnover, similar project experience, detail any relevant experience with government social procurement frameworks, commitment to G21.


Project completion is forecast for Q1 2023.          


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VIC Australia
Design & Early Works Construction Phase

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Peter McCracken
Regional Manager Barwon Region
+61 407 505 477

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