Deployable Bulk Fuel Distribution (DBFD) (Bid Phase)

This Notice (and the Project Overview) has been prepared using information issued by the Commonwealth and aims to provide prospective subcontractor and partners with information and an opportunity to engage in association with the JP 8190 Deployable Bulk Fuel Distribution procurement activity.

The Commonwealth and World Fuel Services Australia have no liability to any participant for any compensation on any basis whatsoever in connection with this activity. World Fuel Services Australia and the Commonwealth have no current agreement in relation to the FSC, nor is there any intention or understanding that World Fuel Services Australia and the Commonwealth will enter into an agreement. World Fuel Services Australia is not acting on behalf of the Commonwealth in issuing the Notice.

About World Fuel Services Australia

World Fuel Services Australia, the proposed Prime Contractor, is participating in the JP 8190 Deployable Bulk Fuel Distribution (DBFD) tender. World Fuel Services and our existing partners are currently preparing a submission for the RFT, released by the Commonwealth on 28th January 2021. The RFT will be a competitive process.

Project Overview

Fuel is vital to the conduct of all operations and ‘raise, train and sustain’ activities. The current deployable capability has obsolescence issues which are increasingly impacting materiel availability. JNT8190 will address this issue and provide a modern, integrated and sustainable capability.

Defence needs a semi-permanent means to meet the capability requirement for distribution, storage and supply of bulk fuels to a deployed force in accordance with an operational requirement. The capability must be robust, scalable and rapidly deployable by air, land or sea. It must also be operable within current and proposed future operating frameworks. This system is referred to as the DBFD System.

Joint Project 8190 (JNT8190) – Deployable Bulk Fuel Distribution (DBFD) seeks to provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with a modern, integrated DBFD capability. The capability will enable the distribution, storage and supply of bulk amounts of fuel, in order to support deployed joint force and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations.

Within the Project Scope there are seven system capability elements:

  • Command Centre;
  • Fuel Storage;
  • Fuel Distribution;
  • Fuel Dispensing;
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Environmental Management

World Fuel Services Australia are seeking Invitation to Register (ITR) responses from prospective suppliers and contractors interested in supporting a wide range of work packages that will be required to deliver any resultant contract, should WFS Australia be successful in securing a contract. More information on the work packages will be made available to prospective subcontractors or partners upon the valid execution and return of required confidentiality agreements and any Deeds required as per the RFT Conditions of Tender in favour of both WFS Australia and/or the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth intends to enter into a single contract with an entity acting as the Prime Contractor for all of the capability elements. Any resultant contract arising from the upcoming RFT is subject to Government approval being obtained. The Commonwealth may suspend, defer or terminate the RFT process at any time.


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World Fuel Services (Australia) PTY LTD

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+61 428 715 319

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