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The Department for Trade and Investment is updating the Service Provider Directory for Export Programs, including the Global Expansion Program and the SA Export Accelerator Program. This directory supports the growth of SA businesses as they expand their international footprint as part of the Global Expansion Program and the SA Export Accelerator Program.

These programs aim to accelerate South Australia’s export growth by building strong export capability.

The SA Export Accelerator Program provides a range of funding for new exporters (up to $30,000), new market entry (up to $15,000) and consortiums that undertake collaborative export activities (up to $200,000).

The Global Expansion Program provides up to $50,000 per grant recipient to support high-growth, export-ready businesses to build their export capability and capacity and become the state’s next global leaders.

The updated directory of potential service providers will be provided to program participants, to list a range of service providers available locally and/or nationally to help them navigate export challenges and barriers.

The following services are eligible under the SA Export Accelerator Program:

  • Market access including professional advice, registrations, product testing, accreditation and product approvals
  • Marketing, branding and promotion including website internationalisation, e-commerce development, online delivery, marketing materials, corporate videos and overseas social media marketing
  • Freight and logistics optimisation including demand forecasting, product traceability and freight consolidation
  • Export training, mentoring and coaching
  • Outbound business support including virtual and physical participation in international trade shows and missions

The following services are eligible under the Global Expansion Program: 

  • Development of an export plan
  • Development of a specific/market territory entry or growth plan, including market research to determine target customers/segments and channels in new markets/territories, obtaining specific advice on market dynamics, logistic/freight cost analysis, structuring and credit risk advice
  • Marketing and communications strategy review, with a focus on digital marketing capability and overcoming digital deficits
  • Product or service development, testing or optimization (e.g. customer insights, packaging, regulations) for targeted customers/segments
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Access to product testing and consumer research facilities
  • Overcoming jurisdictional barriers to trade (e.g. regulations, documentation, government licenses, taxes, legal, etc.)
  • Registration of IP rights relating to trademarking through the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) or through World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) processes, domain name registration, translation, securing social media handles
  • Cultural awareness advice relating to the target customers
  • Connections and networking opportunities to key buyers/influencers both face to face and through online platforms

Service provider information will be included in a directory of export support services, which will be provided to export program participants, and may also be used for other programs administered by the Department for Trade and Investment. Being listed in the directory does not guarantee a service provider will be engaged by an export program participant. The current directory is available in the 'Project Documents' section on this page, and the new directory will replace this in December 2021.

If you would like your company to be listed in the updated directory, please submit your EOI via the 'work packages' tab above. This includes service providers listed in the previous version of the directory.

Create your profile on ICN Gateway here.

Further information about the Global Expansion Program is available here.

Further information about the SA Export Accelerator Program is available here.

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