BAE Systems Australia Education and Skills Partnerships

BAE Systems Australia is the nation’s largest and most diversified defence company.  BAE Systems Australia employs 4550 people across the country.  BAE Systems is growing and, at the same time, adopting new ways of working centred on adaptability, innovation and creativity.

BAE Systems is reshaping its approach to education and skills development across the lifecycle, including: STEM and career promotion, apprenticeships, university engagement, and lifelong learning.  BAE Systems is renewing its approach to ensure it can access a broader and more diverse talent pool, and so its people are ready for a digital future. 


BAE Systems' immediate focus is on building strategic partnerships with the education and training sector and other likeminded companies (within and outside its sector).  BAE Systems wants to be involved in skilling initiatives that grow the overall size of the talent pools relevant to its core disciplines.  BAE Systems is also committed to being involved in setting new work-ready standards and to participating in trials that create better student understanding of its work or embed job-readiness into qualifications.

Refer attached Education and Skills brochure for further details on current education and skills activities, and on priority skilling and technology needs. 

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Project Document

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