Logan Hospital Expansion Project (LHEX)

Logan is one of the fastest growing regions in the state with more than 70,000 additional dwellings expected in the area by 2041.

This expansion will enhance the clinical services delivered at the Logan Hospital and improve facilities for patients, visitors and staff.

  • The vertical expansion of Building 3 by three clinical levels and one additional level for plant, with infill of the existing ground level, currently a car park under Building 3, to provide additional clinical support and services capability. 
  • Extensive refurbishment and repurposing of clinical, clinical support and operational services in Building 1 and some refurbishment in Building 2; and 
  • The installation of a new High Voltage Power feed to the site to support the expanded services, with upgrade works on site to provide for increased stability and redundancy of the electrical supply. 

The Building 3 vertical expansion will deliver: 

  • Five 32-bed inpatient units consisting of single and double bedrooms with ensuites, and one 16-bed Intensive Care unit. 
  • A relocated and expanded pathology department.
  • An 8-bed coronary care unit with an adjacent Respiratory and Cardiac clinical measurements and cold shell for future expansion.
  • A new acute care of the elderly unit.
  • A new education and training space including a simulation suite and a range of clinical support departments; and 
  • An additional 13 short stay Emergency Department beds. 

The infill of the existing ground level of Building 3 will deliver: 

  • New administrative offices for the clinical and administrative staff relocated from the Emergency Department.
  • A 24-bed and 9-chair Transit Care Hub. 
  • A new Satellite Medical Imaging service that will include a 3T MRI service, fixed X-Ray, Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy services and a warm shell space for a future CT scanner; and 
  • A relocated Central Equipment Store, Biomedical Technology Services and a new Building Engineering workshop. 

The refurbishment within Building 1 will deliver: 

  • A 14-bed Palliative Care inpatient ward. 
  • Additional beds in the adult Acute Mental Health Unit. 
  • A new 9-chair chemotherapy services collocated with 14 same day treatment bays and a small satellite pharmacy. 
  • An expanded pharmacy. 
  • Refurbished and expanded kitchen and food services (including staff dining facilities).
  • Refurbished back of house areas (including linen, stores and waste services). 

The refurbishment within Building 2 includes the refurbishment of endoscopy services delivering an additional 2 procedure rooms. 

John Holland has appointed as the Managing Contractor. All major agreements will be with John Holland directly.


During 2020, John Holland is undertaking the Detailed Design on the Project that will inform a final investment decision by Metro South Health (MSH). MSH’s decision is expected to be received in the third quarter of 2021. Some early enabling works may be awarded prior to the finalisation of the Detailed Design.

Construction of the main Building 3 works is anticipated to take approximately 24 months once final approval is granted.


John Holland encourages local industry interested in supplying to the project to provide a Registration of interest (ROI) through the ICN Gateway.

Information on specific supply opportunities will be communicated on the ICN Gateway project page as it becomes available, with local industry able to register its interest against them.

Please ensure that:

  • Your company profile on the ICN Gateway is complete, up-to-date and accurate including electing to be notified via e-mail of supply opportunities
  • You register your interest as a full or partial scope supplier (where applicable), and
  • You respond to all project and work package-specific questions.

It is important that businesses submitting an ROI are aware that their submission does not guarantee that they will progress further in the procurement process. Only companies that can demonstrate capability and capacity in accordance with John Hollands standards will be invited to pre-qualify for specific opportunities.


Please note the below link works in Google Chrome and not on other web browsers.

The following Queensland Government policies are applicable to this project:

 QLD Procurement Policy 2019


QLD Building and Construction – Code of practice 2000


QLD Charter for Local Content


QLD Gov Building and Construction Training Policy



Best Practice principles: Quality, Safe workplaces


Ethical Supplier Threshold


Ethical Supplier Mandate



An industry briefing session for this project was held on 29th April 2021.

The below webcast link is available to be clicked on to go through the recorded version of the Industry Briefing Session. 

Click here to view the recorded webinar


John Holland strongly encourage local industry to contact the ICN Queensland in the first instance to improve their understanding of the ROI process.

John Hollands primary contact is:

Senior Contracts Administrator


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Project at a glance

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Metro South Health - Queensland Government

Contact Details

Nimmi Pushparajan
Procurement Engineering Specialist
+61 7 3364 0670

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AccordianPlus Metal Roofing
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AccordianPlus Formwork
AccordianPlus Structural Steel
AccordianPlus Brick and Blockwork
AccordianPlus Medical Gases
AccordianPlus Facade Glazing
AccordianPlus ICT Systems Integrator
AccordianPlus Ceramic Tiling
AccordianPlus MRI Faraday Cage
AccordianPlus Painting
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AccordianPlus Dilapidation Survey
AccordianPlus Site Security
AccordianPlus Waste Management
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