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About Inland Rail

Inland Rail is a fast freight backbone stretching more than 1,700km that will transform how we move goods around Australia by providing transit times of less than 24 hours between Melbourne and Brisbane.

It will better link regional businesses, manufacturers and producers to national and global markets and generate new opportunities for existing and emerging industries.

Comprising 13 individual projects, Inland Rail is the largest freight rail infrastructure project in Australia and will enable safer, less congested highways, fewer carbon emissions, cheaper freight costs and new economic opportunities for our regions.

Inland Rail is a shot in the arm for Australia’s economy, generating $18b in economic benefits and over 21,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The Australian Government selected the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to deliver Inland Rail, in partnership with the private sector.

Tottenham to Albury

The Tottenham to Albury (T2A) project (“the Project”) is a brownfield enhancement project that will upgrade 305km of existing rail corridor within the Inland Rail Program (“the Program”). Located in Victoria, the project spans from the north of Melbourne to the NSW border at Albury-Wodonga and will enhance upgrade works already completed on the North East Rail Line.

The T2A project comprises two stages. Stage 1 (Northern section) covers Beveridge to Albury (B2A) and Stage 2 (southern section) covers Beveridge to Tottenham (B2T). The B2A scope will be delivered first.

The B2T stage is temporarily on hold while a study is undertaken to determine the location, configuration, and timing of a new intermodal terminal in Melbourne.

Due to its scale and complexity, this project is broken into two stages:

  • Stage One: Beveridge to Albury - Tranche 1 and Tranche 2
  • Stage Two: (Metropolitan Melbourne) Beveridge to Tottenham – On hold

Stage One: Beveridge to Albury

The first stage of the project is the enhancement of 12 sites along the North East Rail Line from Beveridge to Albury. Early Delivery Activities on this section of the alignment are now underway.

Travelling from North to South, the existing rail corridor runs largely parallel to the Hume Highway from the Murray River at Wodonga to the outskirts of Melbourne. It then shares the Regional Victorian broad-gauge rail corridor (V/Line) from Seymour to Beveridge.

Project scope for Victoria is driven by the requirements to meet horizontal and vertical clearances for the safe operation of double-stacked containers.

Tranche 1

Of the 12 sites which comprise Stage 1 (B2A), there are five sites which will be delivered as part of Tranche 1 works:

  • Murray Valley Highway, Barnawartha
  • Beaconsfield Parade Bridge, Glenrowan
  • Seymour-Avenel Road Bridge, Seymour
  • Wangaratta Precinct works
  • Track slew and signal gantry modification works at multiple locations.

Description of works involved

To achieve the clearance required, the proposed design solutions include:

  • lowering rail track under road bridges
  • removal of existing bridges and replacement with taller bridges
  • removal of footbridges
  • construction of a pedestrian underpass
  • track slews (process undertaken to move a track horizontally)
  • relocation or raising of signal gantries, and
  • modification or relocations of overhead power poles.

Delivery timeframes

  • Expression of Interest (EOI) for dual (2) Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Phase - 9 June 2020 (complete)
  • EOI close - 7 July 2020 (complete)
  • ECI Contractors (2) selected - August 2020 (complete)
  • ECI Phase commences - September 2020 (complete)
  • Early Delivery Activities - October 2021 - Ongoing
  • D&C contract award - Q3, 2022
  • Site mobilisation - Q3, 2022

For more information on the Tottenham to Albury project, click here.

Engaging local and Indigenous suppliers

ARTC is committed to creating sustainable economic development and employment opportunities for local and Indigenous businesses and individuals by maximising their opportunities to participate in Inland Rail.

ARTC and its contractors will provide full, fair and reasonable opportunity for capable and competitive local and Indigenous suppliers and social enterprises to compete for work or participate in supply chains associated with Inland Rail.

Compliance with the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016

The Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 (the Code) applies to the building work associated with this project. By submitting an expression of interest in, or tender for, this project, you will become subject to the Code.

Potential subcontractors shall be required to complete a declaration of compliance before a code covered entity invites expression of interest or tenders or enters into a subcontract for Commonwealth-Funded Building Work.

Registration of Interest (ROI) opportunities

Businesses interested in supplying to the Tottenham to Albury – Stage 1 project as subcontractors, suppliers or equipment providers are encouraged to register their interest in the work package/s listed below (refer to 'Work Packages' section).

Registrants should note:

  • A complete, up-to-date and accurate ICN Gateway company profile is required in order to register interest. Click here to create a company profile on ICN Gateway.
  • This is an initial ROI to supply to the Tottenham to Albury – Stage 1 project.
    Incomplete registrations may not be considered. Information on how to create a company profile or submit a registration of interest on
  • ICN Gateway is provided below (refer to User Guides available in the ‘Project Documents’ section).
  • All ROIs will be provided to ARTC and Proponents invited to tender on the Tottenham to Albury – Stage 1 project and may also be included in a project-specific supply market analysis being prepared by the Industry Capability Network (ICN) Victoria.
  • Inland Rail, ICN and the Principal Contractor for the Tottenham to Albury – Stage 1 project have no contractual or other legal obligation to suppliers arising out of the ROI process with respect to the consideration, evaluation, acceptance or rejection of any registration of interest, or the failure to consider, evaluate or accept any registration of interest.
  • Services, programs and initiatives provided by ICN are designed to complement a company’s existing sales, marketing and business development strategy and any ROI submitted should not be considered an alternative to these activities.

It is important that businesses registering their interest are aware that their registration does not guarantee that they will progress further in any procurement processes. ARTC and the Principal Contractor for the Tottenham to Albury – Stage 1 project have broad discretion to suspend, vary or terminate the procurement process of the Tottenham to Albury project, decline to consider or review any ROI or negotiate with and enter into a contract with any other party for the performance of a Works Package.

To assist with ICN Gateway company registration

Register a new company profile on ICN Gateway here.


Your company profile on ICN Gateway is used to assess your ability to complete projects. Please ensure your business invests the time and energy required to represent itself in the most effective manner possible when completing your company profile.

Further assistance

Support and assistance are available through the organisations listed below.


Details for supplier capability development initiatives, including workshops to assist businesses to develop business capability statements and respond to tenders will be communicated via this ICN Gateway project page.

Industry Capability Network (ICN) Victoria

ARTC strongly encourages suppliers to contact ICN in the first instance to gain an understanding of the ROI process and development programs, such as their ICN Gateway Profile Improvement workshops.

Click here to access the ARTC & ICN Profile Improvement Session One recording.

Click here to access the ARTC & ICN Profile Improvement Session Two recording.

Click here to access the ICN Victoria website.

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The Narrabri to North Star (N2NS) section comprises an upgrade to approximately 186km of track within the existing rail corridor and construction    of approximately 2.3km of new rail corridor. The works are required to accommodate the operation of 1,800m-long double-stacked freight trains      and will involve the modification of various structures

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Inland Rail is transforming how everyday goods are moved around our vast country. It will complete the backbone of the national freight network by providing transit times of less than 24 hours for freight trains between Melbourne and Brisbane via regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

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The Gowrie to Kagaru section of Inland Rail in Queensland will be designed, built, managed and financed through a Public Private Partnership (PPP).

The Gowrie to Kagaru section is divided into three separate projects:

  • Gowrie to Helidon
  • Helidon to Calvert
  • Calvert to Kagaru
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The Rail Corridor Program involves the delivery of above-ground works, which includes track construction, rail welding, transportation of materials, and the installation and commissioning of level crossings on approximately 570 kilometres of railway between Narromine and Moree in New South Wales and North Start (New South Wales) to Gowrie in Queensland taking in the project's largest greenfield sections.

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The Central Civil Works Program will focus on an 85km (approximately) section between North Star in New South Wales and Whetstone in Queensland as well as a separate 14km package south of Moree called Narrabri to North Star Phase 2.

The Works are allowing for future connections to Goondiwindi and the broader region. It follows the existing track north from North Star before crossing Bruxner Way and the border to join the existing Queensland Rail line.

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The Northern Civil Works Program comprises approximately 138km of new dual gauge track and approximately 69km of upgraded track and crosses the local government areas of Goondiwindi and Toowoomba.

The Northern Civil Works section of Inland Rail will connect one of Australia’s most productive farming regions to markets across the country.

Once complete, Inland Rail will help producers be more competitive, connecting them to markets in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth more efficiently, more reliably and in larger volumes.

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The Albury to Parkes section involves extensive enhancements to specific sites across the 355 kilometres of existing track running from Albury to Illabo and Stockinbingal to Parkes. 
The enhancements would provide the necessary vertical and horizontal clearance along the existing ‘Main South Line’ corridor to support the safe running of double-stacked freight trains up to 1,800 metres long and 6.5 metres high.

The Albury to Parkes section is divided into two separate projects Albury to Illabo & Stockinbingal to Parkes.

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The Southern Civil Works Program involves construction of 306km of new single track rail line from Narromine to Narrabri. It is the longest project within Inland Rail.

This 306km of new track is a crucial part of delivering our fast and reliable freight rail service between Melbourne and Brisbane.

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