Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct Stage 2

Location and Site

The Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct Stage 2 is located at Millers Road, Spring Creek, about 12 km north-east of Gatton and about 100 km south west of Brisbane in the Lockyer Valley.

  • The site has been master planned for the ultimate provision of 4 separate correction centres.
  • Only Stage 1 of the precinct has thus far been completed -Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (SQCC), 300 bed women’s correctional centre opened in 2012.
  • All necessary external site infrastructure to support the future provision of Stage 2, 1000 bed men’s centre was designed and constructed as part of Stage 1.

o This included roads and carparking (both staff & visitor); external site services infrastructure inclusive of power, potable water, waste water, storm water and recycled water; various external buildings including Visitor Processing, Staff Amenities, Staff Training, Dog Squad and Central (Energy) Services; and Bulk earthworks for the building platform for the future 1000 bed men’s centre.

Scope of the Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct Stage 2 Project

The Works generally comprise the design and construction, including services, of Stage 2 of the Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct at Gatton.

The Stage 2 expansion will:

  • Address overcrowding across the correctional system in Queensland.
  • Improve safety of correctional officers and prisoners.
  • Deliver economic boost and additional jobs during both construction and operation.
  • The Queensland Government has determined that this new correctional centre will adopt a ‘health and rehabilitation’ operating model which will support safer communities through enhanced mental health and drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for prisoners, with a focus on addressing the ice epidemic and its link to violent and property crime.


  • Subcontractor and supplier procurement will commence in September 2020.
  • Design Development anticipated to be complete by Early December 2020.
  • Procurement of early works trades completed by December 2020
  • Mobilisation and completion of early works scope onsite between Early December 2020 and end of January 2021
  • Main works are planned for commencement in January 2021.
  • Procurement for the main works is planned between December 2020 – June 2021.
  • The Project is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Early works (Site Establishment and Site Civil Works) scope

  • Site Establishment – site fencing, signage, subcontractor compound, subcontractor carpark, site security
  • Site Temporary services.
  • Surveying.
  • Site access and haul roads.
  • Bulk earthworks & building platform.
  • Stage 1 inground services – trunk mains.

Main Works Construction, Commissioning and Completion

Construction, commission and completion of new male only max security 1000 bed correctional facility. Main works include:

  • Site works to 220,00m2 site area
  • 33 buildings connected by walkways
  • Low rise buildings secure type robust construction
  • Complex building services network
  • Extensive services infrastructure across site
  • Secure perimeter fence
  • Carparking
  • External landscaping and finishes


John Holland encourages local industry interested in supplying to the project to register an expression of interest (ROI) through the ICN Gateway webpage.

Information on specific supply opportunities will be communicated on the ICN Gateway project page as it becomes available, with local industry able to register its interest against them.

Please ensure that:

  • Your company profile on the ICN Gateway is complete, up-to-date and accurate including electing to be notified via e-mail of supply opportunities
  • You register your interest as a full or partial scope supplier (where applicable), and
  • You respond to all project and work package-specific questions.

It is important that businesses submitting an ROI are aware that their submission does not guarantee that they will progress further in the procurement process. Only companies that can demonstrate capability and capacity in accordance with the Southern Queensland Correctional Precent Stage 2 project requirements will be invited to pre-qualify for specific opportunities.


Please note the below link works in Google Chrome and not on other web browsers.

The following Queensland Government policies are applicable to this project:

Queensland Procurement Policy 2019, which includes the Ethical Supplier Mandate

Best Practice Principles:

Queensland Government Building and Construction Training Policy

Queensland Charter for Local Content


John Holland encourage local industry to contact the ICN Queensland in the first instance to seek assistance with the ROI process.

The John Holland project team can be emailed at

Project Documents

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Project at a glance

QLD Australia
Schematic Design & Early Works Procurement
Queensland Government
$653 million

Contact Details

Nimmi Pushparajan
Procurement Engineering Specialist
+61 7 3364 0670

Work Package
Full Scope EOI
Partial Scope EOI
AccordianPlus Surveying
AccordianPlus Canteen
AccordianPlus Time Lapse Cameras
AccordianPlus Precast Concrete
AccordianPlus Structural Steel
AccordianPlus Generators
AccordianPlus Communication Services
AccordianPlus Electrical Services
AccordianPlus Hydraulics Services
AccordianPlus Mechanical Works
AccordianPlus FRP (Form Reo Pour)
AccordianPlus Transformers
AccordianPlus Roof Safety Systems
AccordianPlus Louvres
AccordianPlus Scaffold
AccordianPlus Joinery
AccordianPlus Prisoner Technology
AccordianPlus Tiling
AccordianPlus Covered Walkways
AccordianPlus Final Cleaning
AccordianPlus Signage
AccordianPlus Toilet Partitions
Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest are subject to change.