Star of the South - Offshore Wind Project

The Star of the South is Australia’s first offshore wind project, proposed to be located off the south coast of Gippsland in Victoria.

The project would provide large-scale, renewable electricity generation to support Victoria’s energy transition, as well as local jobs and investment.

At 2.2 GW, it would be one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world, generating enough electricity to power up to 1.2 million homes and provide around 20 percent of Victoria’s electricity needs.

The project would involve:

  • Offshore wind turbine generators (number/size to be confirmed) installed on foundations
  • Offshore transmission: array cables and export cables and up to four substations
  • Onshore transmission: 60-80 km HVAC underground cables and up to four substations
  • Grid connection to an existing Latrobe Valley terminal station
  • Upgrades to and use of ports within close proximity to support construction and operation of the project.

The project is being progressed by a local Victorian-base­­­d team with investment from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) – a world leader in offshore wind development.

More information: Star of the South Website


The Star of the South project is in the feasibility phase.

A Commonwealth Exploration Licence was granted in March 2019 for exclusive offshore wind investigations within a 496 km² area off the Gippsland coast. Investigations began in late 2019 and are ongoing.

The project’s environmental effects will be assessed through a Victorian Environment Effects Statement and a Commonwealth Environmental Impact Statement. A Commonwealth licence would also be needed to build and operate the project.

Subject to approvals and meeting feasibility requirements, the earliest construction could start is from 2023, to deliver first power by 2025 and building up to full power in 2027.

Potential opportunities

Offshore wind farms are a proven driver for jobs and contract opportunities and the Star of the South presents a unique opportunity to grow the next generation capability for the Victorian renewable sector.

Main contracts being procured directly by the Star of the South are expected to include:

  • Offshore Wind Turbine Generators
  • Steel foundations
  • High voltage submarine and terrestrial cable
  • Medium voltage submarine cable
  • Offshore substations
  • Onshore substations
  • Grid connection
  • Transportation, installation / construction, commissioning of the above
  • Balance of Plant Operations and maintenance requirements.

Contracts procured by the Star of the South would generate significant downstream opportunities through the successful contractors. Local companies with relevant skills and capabilities in the broader supply chain are encouraged to register their interest. 

Some examples of downstream opportunities may include:

  • Marine construction and logistic support including Ports and Harbours services
  • Heavy and civil engineering construction
  • General construction and sites services
  • Electrical and mechanical completions.

Express your interest

The Star of the South is committed to supporting Australian industry and will seek to fully harness local content delivery and industry development. Competent local businesses, including Traditional Owner businesses and those involved in industries undergoing transition in the Gippsland region, are encouraged to express their interest in the project. 

Star of the South will use EOI information to:

  • Provide to companies who bid for and/or win main contracts
  • Build an understanding of market capabilities and capacity – what is available now, what potential exists and what appetite there is to deliver more
  • Communicate project updates and opportunities
  • Share useful resources, knowledge and experience from the global offshore wind industry
  • Communicate project requirements and specifications as they become available.

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