Barwon and Great South Coast Project Opportunities

ICN Victoria has established this portal as a collective forum for all Barwon & Great South Coast Project Opportunities and information. 

Barwon & Great South Coast Project Opportunities Process

Step 1  

  • Complete your registration to the "Barwon & Great South Coast Project Opportunities - EOI Updates" work package on this page.
  • Registered companies will have their capability presented for early engagement with project owners investing in the region.
  • Registered companies will receive updates on upcoming projects and news from the Geelong region.

Step 2

As projects commence, express your interest on specific project opportunities through the project links below:

Project Information

Useful Links

Barwon and Great South Coast Social Procurement Showcase 2020 - Q & A Response 

Question: Do skilled migrant engineers fall under Social Procurement?

Answer by Brian Finnigan, ICN Victoria: Only in this case if they have been granted Humanitarian Visa status as refugees or are asylum seekers with work rights (which the vast majority are) and on either a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV). You will find plenty of Australian accredited engineers from both groups”


  • Work Packages currently available to submit an EOI for are listed below.
  • To submit an EOI for the Work Package/s listed, companies must have an ICN Gateway company profile. Information on how to register your company on ICN Gateway is detailed below.
  • All companies who submit an EOI will be included in information presented to project owners investing in the region.
  • The services, programmes and initiatives provided by ICN Victoria are aimed at complimenting a company's existing Sales, Marketing and Business Development strategy and any EOI submitted should not be considered as an alternative to these activities.


  • Click here to register your company profile on ICN Gateway.
  • Support and assistance is available through the web links listed below.
  • An ICN Gateway company profile that accurately and effectively summarises your company is critical to using the services of the ICN Group - please ensure that your company invests the time and energy required to represent your company in the most effective manner possible.
  • Companies should ensure that the email notification functionality within their ICN Gateway company profile is activated to include an appropriate level of coverage to Major Projects and Regional Opportunities.

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Project at a glance

VIC Australia
Industry Capability Network (Victoria) Limited

Contact Details

Peter McCracken
Regional Manager Barwon Region
+61 407 505 477

Work Package
Full Scope EOI
Partial Scope EOI
Accordian collapse


Full Scope EOI

31 Dec 2021

Partial Scope EOI

Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest are subject to change.