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BAE Systems Australia work across all domains of defence and security, using new ideas and know-how to ensure that their customers always have the capability they need. Their work helps keep Australia safe and contributes to creating a more prosperous and innovative nation.

BAE Systems Australia has an established local supply chain that reaches across the nation.  With over 1,600 Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on our Approved Supplier List (ASL), we recognise the enduring benefits of fostering and supporting the SMEs on our ASL, alongside the development of new entrants to the Defence sector. In 2020 we committed over AUD770M worth of work with Australian suppliers, representing over 76% of our total spend throughout the year. We will continue to provide opportunities for Australian business to become part of our programs.

BAE Systems encourage you to contact them if you believe your company can add value to their supply chain.


Global Access Program

In response to the Australian Government’s Global Supply Chain initiative, BAE Systems Australia established the Global Access Program (GAP) in 2012. Through their team embedded across their international business units, GAP creates export opportunities for Australian companies within the supply chain of BAE Systems group and partner organisations.

In addition to identifying opportunities and providing introductions, BAE Systems' GAP team also offers companies mentoring and assistance through their supplier training programs.

To learn more about the Global Access Program, visit their website HERE.
To learn more about the Global Supply Chain Program visit the website HERE.

The Global Access Program is built upon supply and demand principles and focusses on providing export opportunities. BAE Systems' team engages with program managers and procurement professionals across their global business to identify sources of demand which an Australian company may be able to service. They also engage widely with Australian industry to ensure they have a detailed knowledge of local capability and export ambitions.

Specific opportunities will be related to the Global Access Program in the Work Package section of this page.

Indirect Procurement Opportunities

The indirect procurement function at BAE Systems Australia are responsible for acquiring products and services to support the business operations. The indirect supplies include IT equipment right through to contingent labour, etc. Indirect supplies are in their own way essential to the organisation, but they don’t exert any direct input into the finished products and services you deliver to your customers. Rather, they play a supporting role to ensure that the process of turning direct supplies into finished goods goes smoothly.

Current opportunities are listed in the Work Packages section.

Education and Skills

BAE Systems Australia is reshaping their approach to education and skills, including: STEM and career promotion, apprenticeships, university engagement, and lifelong learning.  BAE Systems Australia are renewing their approach to ensure they can access a broader and more diverse talent pool, and to skill their people for a digital future.    

BAE Systems Australia immediate focus is on building strategic partnerships with the education and training sector and other likeminded companies (within and outside the sector).  

Refer Work Packages section for current opportunities to partner with BAE Systems Australia on education-related initiatives.

For opportunities related to:

  • Hunter Class Frigate Program (HCFP), please click HERE.
  • Land 125 Phase 4 Integrated Soldier System, please click HERE.

Click HERE to read the latest news from the program and wider BAE Systems Australia business.

Building Supplier Capabilities

With safety being BAE Systems Australia number one priority in their changed global environment, their training programs will be delivered in a variety of new formats in 2021 and beyond.

To register for the highly sought-after Estimating & Pricing Fundamentals and Masterclass courses, click HERE.

BAE Systems Australia enhanced Industry Education Program will be available for registration in the near future. This module-based course addresses the topics of Security, Export Controls, Supplier Quality Assurance, Estimating & Pricing, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Frameworks. For further details, refer to the document below.

Upcoming Events

The GAP team welcomes the opportunity to meet with existing and potential suppliers at the events they attend. You can request a meeting at one of these events by contacting the GAP team directly or through the event website.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact:

Jeremy Satchell
Business Development Manager - Australian Industry

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