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SunCable's flagship development project is the Australia-Asia Power Link (AAPowerLink). This project will harness and store renewable energy from one of the most reliably sunny places - Australia's Northern Territory - for 24/7 transmission to Darwin and Singapore via a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system. The project includes the development of the world's biggest integrated renewable energy zone in the heart of the Northern Territory. The project will have capacity to supply up to 4GW of firmed renewable electricity to Darwin, and 1.75GW of firmed renewable electricity to Singapore.

SunCable is owned by a consortium led by Grok Ventures. The AAPowerLink project will continue to be developed by SunCable's management team.


DarwinLink is the Australian onshore component of AAPowerLink. It includes the development of the world's biggest integrated renewable energy zone on Powell Creek in the Barkly region of the Northern Territory, along with 800km of overhead HDVC transmission to the Darwin region. The project plans to deliver up to 4GW of 24/7 renewable electricity to the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct, to underpin a new wave of green industrial development.

The overhead transmission line will generally follow the footprint of the Alice Springs to Darwin Railway Corridor. Overhead transmission will reduce the disturbance footprint for construction and maintenance, increase safety, allow flexibility in route selection through the ability to span sensitive receptors like water courses, habitats, and sacred sites, enable the infrastructure to coexist with other infrastructure, and free land underneath the lines for alternative uses.

DarwinLink has a regional headquarters in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Grok Ventures has appointed Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners (QIP) to lead the development of the DarwinLink component of the AAPowerLink project. QIP have a proven track record of delivering large-scale renewable projects in the USA and UK, adding further global expertise to the DarwinLink project.

DarwinLink is expected to generate ~$8billion worth of investment and ~1750 direct jobs in Australia during the construction phase. Once complete, the project has an operating life of 70 years during which 350 permanent jobs are anticipated, along with a range of contract and business enterprise opportunities for the region.


SingaporeLink is the international component of the AAPowerLink project. From the Northern Territory, 4,300km of subsea cables will transmit renewable power through Indonesia to deliver 1.75GW of 24/7 renewable electricity to Singapore.

SingaporeLink is designed to supply up to 15 per cent of Singapore's total electricity needs and meet Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA) objectives to reduce dependence on gas (from 95%) and diversify the technology mix and country of origin for energy imports. All of this provides more resilience for Singapore's grid. Sun Cable is well positioned to meet these objectives.

Sun Cable has regional offices in Singapore and Indonesia to facilitate the development of the project in these jurisdictions.

The latest news and further information can be found on suncable.energy

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