LNG Forward Works Plans

This portal provides information on forward work plans for the LNG sector across Western Australia.

Major operators provide information on a voluntary basis as a way of informing the market about potential future contracting opportunities.

All Forward Work Plans exhibited on this site are to be regarded as indicative and subject to change or removal.

No guarantee is given to prospective tenderers regarding their inclusion in any bid list arising out of enquiries made on the above information. This site is intended to be a helpful guide, giving indicative information on opportunities which may be tendered.

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Project at a glance

WA Australia
Department of Jobs Tourism Science and Innovation

Contact Details

Daniel Holbrook
Director, Industry Development
+61 8 6277 2842

Work Package
Full Scope EOI
Partial Scope EOI
Accordian collapse


Full Scope EOI

30 Sep 2021

Partial Scope EOI

Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest are subject to change.