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SecureEnergy, a Joint Venture between Clough and Elecnor, combines world class, proven experience in delivering 300kV-500kV Power Transmission and major civil Infrastructure projects that will deliver certainty for the EnergyConnect Project.

The project requires significant understanding of large scale HV Transmission and Substation projects, local knowledge of environmental constraints and approvals processes, sustainability, community and stakeholder engagement, large scale resource planning and health and safety requirements. Secure Energy is a trusted and highly experienced energy transmission and infrastructure team, ensuring confidence in a safe and timely delivery of EnergyConnect.

Joint Venture General Statement

SecureEnergy is the joint venture of Elecnor and Clough. Combined, we provide the skills, knowledge, and history to deliver zero harm projects, bringing world class and proven experience in high voltage power transmission, substation and infrastructure projects.

Elecnor is a global leader in high voltage transmission and substation EPC, with nearly 60 years of continuous growth and a presence in more than 50 countries. Elecnor’s performance has become a benchmark in the infrastructure, renewable energy and technology sectors. Since 2014, Elecnor has proven a commitment to Australia, completing multiple projects across the country.

Clough is an engineering and construction company founded in Australia in 1919. The company successfully delivers challenging high-performing assets for the energy, infrastructure, and resources industries, underpinned by a dedication to problem solving and getting the job done safely and efficiently. Providing EPC services, the Clough team delivers zero harm projects and has worked on some of the world’s largest and most technically and logistically challenging projects.

The Project

TransGrid (electricity transmission operator in New South Wales (NSW) and ElectraNet (electricity distributor in South Australia (SA)) are currently investigating the proposed construction and operation of a new electrical interconnector and network support options between NSW and SA.

The interconnector is aimed at reducing the cost of providing secure and reliable electricity transmission between NSW and SA in the near term, while facilitating the longer-term transition of the energy sector across the National Electricity Market (NEM) to low emission energy sources.

The current preferred option involves constructing a high voltage electricity interconnector of approximately 900 kilometres between the power grids of SA (starting at Robertstown) and NSW (finishing in Wagga Wagga), known collectively as Project EnergyConnect.

Project EnergyConnect has been identified as a priority transmission project in the NSW Transmission Infrastructure Strategy (DP&E 2018), linking the SA and NSW energy markets and assisting in transporting energy from the South-West Energy Zone to major demand centres.

TransGrid is the proponent and is responsible for obtaining environmental planning approvals for those components located in NSW.

This Environmental Scoping Report refers to Project EnergyConnect - SA/NSW border to Buronga (the proposal). TransGrid will seek subsequent and separate environmental planning approvals for the remainder of Project EnergyConnect in NSW. Furthermore, environmental planning approvals under the relevant jurisdictions would be sought (by ElectraNet) for the sections of Project EnergyConnect that are located in SA.

As part of the early works for Project EnergyConnect, TransGrid and ElectraNet have proceeded with preliminary investigations into transmission line corridor options, combining various corridor selection criteria together with a broad range of environmental, heritage, land use and social constraints and opportunities. This process initially identified a 10 kilometre-wide preliminary alignment corridor within which more detailed environmental and social studies and community and landholder engagement has been undertaken leading to development of an approximate one kilometre wide proposal study area.

Project EnergyConnect - SA/NSW border to Buronga

Project EnergyConnect – SA/NSW border to Buronga would involve the construction and operation of new high voltage (HV) electricity transmission lines between the NSW-SA border at Chowilla and Buronga; and the expansion of the existing substation facilities at Buronga NSW.

The scope of the application made by TransGrid under Division 5.2 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) and the basis for the Scoping Report for the proposal includes:

·         About 130 kilometres of new 330 kV double circuit transmission line and associated infrastructure between the SA and NSW border in the vicinity of Chowilla, and the existing Buronga 220 kV substation

·         The expansion of the existing Buronga 220 kV substation to an operating capacity of 330 kV

·         Establishment and upgrade of access tracks and roads to the new substation and transmission line structures, as required

·         Other ancillary works required to facilitate the construction of the proposal e.g. laydown and staging areas, concrete batching plants, brake/winch sites, site offices and accommodation camps.

The Proponent

NSW Electricity Networks Operations Pty Ltd as a trustee for NSW Electricity Operations Trust (referred to as TransGrid) is the operator and manager of the main HV transmission network in NSW and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), enabling more than three million homes and businesses to access a safe, reliable and affordable supply of electricity. Its system transports electricity from sources of generation including wind, coal, solar, gas and hydro to large industrial customers and to the distribution networks which deliver it to homes and businesses. Comprising over 100 substations and more than 13,000 kilometres of HV transmission lines, cables, and interconnections with Queensland and Victoria, the network is instrumental to the electricity system and economy and facilitates energy trading across the National Electricity Market.

Current Status

Project EnergyConnect forms a central feature of the roadmap for the transition of the power system developed by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) in its 2020 Integrated System Plan (ISP). The ISP classifies Project EnergyConnect as an 'actionable ISP project' which will deliver net market benefits and support energy market transition.

TransGrid currently is working with relevant State and Commonwealth agencies to progress planning and environmental assessments for the project. In NSW, the project will be assessed under two separate Environmental Impact Statements – NSW Western Section (SA/NSW Border to Buronga and NSW/Victorian Border), and NSW Eastern Section (Buronga to Wagga Wagga).

Further information on TransGrid can be found at

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