Cairns Convention Centre Expansion (CCCE)

Contact Details

  Jatin Patel
  +61 7 3364 0670

  Locations: QLD Australia
  Project Value: $176 million
  Project Status: Detailed Design

Project Details

The Cairns Convention Centre is currently at capacity, due to a combination of population growth, increased tourism and demand for the number and increasing size of trade shows. The Cairns Convention Centre Expansion Project (CCCE) has been proposed to meet the need of the growing venue demand in Cairns to host multiple trade shows and conventions.

The Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) is the project principal/client and Lendlease Building has been appointed as the Managing Contractor of the CCCE project which includes detailed design and construction responsibility.  


The CCCE project will comprise the following scope of work:

Essential Works

These comprise of essential maintenance works including roof sheeting replacement, replacement of major mechanical plant, upgrade of electrical services, audio-visual installation replacement and DDA upgrade works.

Refurbishment Works

These include the refurbishment of front of house public spaces, patron amenities, food and beverage facilities and back of house operational areas.

Expansion Works

This includes the provision of 10,500m2 of new facilities at the Wharf Street end of the Centre including a 450-seat flat floor plenary space, 3 meeting rooms, exhibition space, banquet facility and associated patron facilities and operational spaces that will enable concurrent conventions to occur with-in the centre.


Detailed design is currently in progress and is anticipated to be complete by April 2020. Procurement activities will be commencing from March 2020.

Essential and Refurbishment works shall predominantly be undertaken during a centre wide shutdown period from end of May 2020 to late October 2020. Some early works may commence prior to May 2020.

The Expansion works shall commence in June 2020 and conclude in February 2022.


Lendlease encourages local industry interested in supplying to the project to register an expression of interest (EOI) through the ICN Gateway webpage. Information on specific supply opportunities will be communicated on the ICN Gateway project page from the 23 January 2020, with industry able to register its interest against them for a period of no less than 2 weeks thereafter.

Please ensure that:

  • Your company profile on the ICN Gateway is complete, up-to-date and accurate including electing to be notified via e-mail of supply opportunities.
  • You register your interest as a full or partial scope supplier (where applicable), and
  • You respond to all project and work package-specific questions.

It is important that businesses submitting an EOI are aware that their submission does not guarantee that they will progress further in the procurement process. Only companies that can demonstrate capability and capacity in accordance with CCCE project requirements will be invited to pre-qualify for specific opportunities.

Businesses which demonstrate local benefits and demonstrate ability to meet other qualification criteria will be highly regarded.


The following Queensland Government policies are applicable to this project:


An industry briefing session is scheduled as per the attached flyer in the Project Documents section below.


Lendlease encourage local industry to contact the ICN Queensland in the first instance to seek assistance with the EOI process.

The Lendlease project team can be emailed at:


Work Packages

To submit an expression of interest, select the icon next to the work package scope you are interested in.
Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest shown below are subject to change.

Piling23 Jan 206 Feb 20 
Design and construct piling solution
AV System23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Detailed design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of replacement and new AV systems
Carpet and Vinyl Supply and Install23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
including vinyl supply and floor preparations, sundries, edge strips, stair nosing's etc.
Ceilings Partitions Doors and Hardware23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
- Internal plasterboard and glazed partitions, ceilings, doors, frames, door hardware & sundry hardware
- Include supply and install of Amenities fitments - toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, grab rails, hand dryers etc.
- Temporary Hoardings to Refurbishment, and demolition of minor non-structural items in refurbishment.
Commercial Kitchen23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
- Upgrades to existing main kitchen and services.
- New serveries to Expansion
Curtains and Blinds23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
Curtains & Blinds to expansion & refurbishment
Demolition23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
- Amenities, kitchen area and other internal demolition scope (note, internal non structural demo may be by ceilings and partitions TBC), Operable Walls, Carpet and Vinyl removal. Floor box penetrations
- Loading dock structures
- Roof and porte cochere removal. Cladding removal.
Electrical Services and ICT Structured Cabling23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
- Electrical Detailed Design & Construction. Inclusive of all electrical scope and installation and commissioning
- Includes Temporary Electrical
Final Clean23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Final Clean to all areas
Fire Protection Services23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
- Detection, Alarm/EWIS, Sprinklers, VESDA.
- New fire panel in relocated location
Furniture Installation23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Installation of Novated FFE
General Equipment Hire23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Hire of Sundry Equipment to the site required to support construction activities (limited to equipment supplied by Managing Contractor)
General Waste - Rubbish Removal23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
- Bin hire and emptying. Procure on Schedule of Rates.
- Excludes demolition waste
Glazed and Stainless Steel Balustrades Metal handrails23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
Potential amendments to existing timber handrail. DDA compliance upgrades to handrails
Hydraulics23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
- Hydraulic Detailed Design & Construction. Inclusive of all hydraulics scope.
- Includes Temporary Hydraulics
- Supply of Sanitary Hardware
Joinery23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
-Toilet Partitions
- Toilet vanities and mirrors
- New veneer wall panelling
- Replacement fabric wall panelling to Hall 1
- New banquet seating
- New built in joinery units to Admin and other areas
- Joinery to expansion
Mechanical Services23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
- Mechanical Services Detailed Design & Construction. Inclusive of all mechanical scope and installation and commissioning of novated disaggregated procurement items.
- All Mechanical Electrical, including MSSB's
- Temporary Ventilation strategies during refurbishment works
Mobile Craneage23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Areas not covered by tower cranes, heavy lifts. Mobile crane for roofing replacement to be under roofing.
Painting23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
- Repair, patch and painting to plasterboard walls, ceilings, soffits, doors and frames. Includes for providing access for all internal surfaces.
- Strip, sand and limewash existing veneer panels
Roller Shutters23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
associated with serveries and ticketing counters
Roof replacement23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Roof sheeting replacement including all sundries to approximately 50% of existing roof
Scaffold23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
- Roof replacement scaffold
- Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement Scaffold
- Hall 1 & Hall 2 Scaffold
- Temporary access and perimeter edge protection to structure, voids, stairs and lift shafts, scaffold loading bays. Temporary egress gantries
Security Access System and CCTV23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
Security Access System/ Intercom/ CCTV
Signage Internal and External23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
replacement and new signage
Stone Finishes - Supply and Install23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
Supply & Install of Stone Finishes
Structural Steel23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
- Operable wall additional steel, penetration lintels / strengthing. Full scope TBA.
- Expansion roof, facade mullions, girts & mullions, screen framing, catwalks
- Node X-Ray's and reporting
Survey and setting out23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Survey, locate and mark existing services, full setout scope (early works and main works), As-built Survey
Tactile indicators supply and install23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Tactile indicator repairs and additions, new tactile
Temporary Fencing23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Temporary Fencing to the site
Tiling Supply and Lay23 Jan 2016 Feb 2023 Apr 20
Amenities and kitchen wall and floor tiling, levelling screed, exp joints. Include wet area waterproofing, Tiling to Expansion
Tower Cranes and Hoists23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
- Design of structural supports, erect, hire and dismantle of tower crane and hoists, Labour hire rates for crane driver and dogmen
- Hire and placement of loading platforms
Vertical and Horizontal Transportation23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Supply and install lifts and escalators
Waterproofing and Epoxy Flooring23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Sundry BoH epoxy floor finishes, Lift and escalator pits and other substructure waterproofing.
Workstations23 Jan 2016 Feb 20 
Supply and install
Artwork23 Jan 2028 Feb 20 
Removal, Storage and Reinstatement
Blockwork23 Jan 2028 Feb 2023 Apr 20
refurb re-point / clean existing blockwork, blockwork to expansion
Building Management system23 Jan 2028 Feb 20 
- Replacement of existing BMS System.
- New BMS to Expansion
Civil Works23 Jan 2028 Feb 20 
Site clearing including expansion areas hard and soft landscape, Bulk excavation, Piling platform and hardstands. Trunk Sewer & Stormwater, Dewatering
Terrazzo Flooring23 Jan 2028 Feb 20 
Strip and re-seal existing Terrazzo
Timelapse Camera23 Jan 2028 Feb 20 
Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Timelapse Camera
Traffic Control23 Jan 2028 Feb 20 
Traffic Control Services to the site
Precast Concrete23 Jan 2023 Apr 2023 Apr 20
Precast Concrete to Expansion
Concrete Place23 Jan 2024 Apr 20 
Concrete placement
Concrete Pumping23 Jan 2024 Apr 20 
Supply of Concrete Pumps
Concrete Supply23 Jan 2024 Apr 20 
Supply of Concrete & Testing
Detailed Excavation Concrete Place and Finish23 Jan 2024 Apr 2024 Apr 20
Pile trimming, Detailed excavation, Concrete Place and Finish
Post Tensioning23 Jan 2030 Apr 2030 Apr 20
D&C - may include for all PT and reinforcing to new slabs and possible de-scoping of reinforcing design to slabs from Arcadis.
Reinforcement Supply23 Jan 2030 Apr 20 
Supply of Reinforcement
Reinforcing Fixing23 Jan 2030 Apr 20 
Installation of Reinforcement
Formwork23 Jan 208 May 20 
Supply and install formwork to expasnion to all vertical and horizontal concrete structure elements
Facade - cladding23 Jan 2015 May 20 
Cladding (CFC or similar) to expansion
Facade - Glazing23 Jan 2015 May 20 
Supply and install IGU's and pre glazed face panels (External)
Sunscreens Fins and louvres23 Jan 2015 May 2015 May 20
GRC or similar blades to Expansion
General Expression Interest23 Jan 2030 Jun 20 
General Expression of interest for any opportunities not listed as work package
Water Storage Tank23 Jan 2015 Jul 20 
Fire water storage tank
Metal Deck Roofing Wall Cladding Supply and Erect23 Jan 2017 Aug 20 
Expansion new roof
Metalwork23 Jan 2030 Nov 20 
Sundry metalwork, including bollards
Civil Works - Completion23 Jan 201 Dec 2023 Apr 20
Minor Roadworks, Kerb Alignments, Kerbs, Line marking and Pavements
Landscaping Hard and Soft and Irrigation23 Jan 201 Dec 2023 Apr 20
including street furniture, water features, irrigation, bollards in landscaping pavements, etc