Parramatta Light Rail - Supply, Operate and Maintain Contract

Contact Details

  Thuy Ho
  +61 2 9927 3100

  Locations: NSW Australia
  Project Value: $536M
  Project Status: Commencing in 2020

Project Details

The $2.4B Parramatta Light Rail project comprises two major contracts:

·        $840 million awarded to Parramatta Connect (CPB and Downer Joint Venture) for the construction of 12km of dual light rail track, new and modified bridges, stop platforms to slab ,transport interchanges, urban design including an active transport link.

·        $536 million awarded to Great River City Light Rail (Transdev and CAF Australia Joint Venture) to design and construct 16 light rail stops above slab with canopies and seating, power, signalling and technology systems, high voltage traction works and supply of 13 new light rail vehicles. It will also design and construct a major Stabling and Maintenance (SaM) Facility, at Camellia with inspection and repair workshops, wash and sand plants, lift and staff facilities. 

An initial 13 light rail vehicles (LRVs) will travel on the network. Great River City Light Rail will then operate and maintain the network for an initial term of 8 years. 

Further details of the project are available at Parramatta Light Rail website

As part of Great River City’s commitment to the Greater Western Sydney community and economy, Great River City has partnered with the Industry Capability Network (ICN) NSW to raise awareness and communicate opportunities to provide goods and services to the project. Locally based contractors are encouraged to register their interest via submission of expression/s of interest below. It is recommended that businesses register via the office that will service the project if successful.

How to register an Expression of Interest

  • This is an initial, general EOI submission and Work Packages currently available to submit an EOI for are listed below.
  • Shortlisted SMEs will be invited to tender Work Packages.
  • To submit an initial EOI for the Work Scopes, companies must have an ICN Gateway company profile. Information on how to register your company on ICN Gateway is detailed below.

ICN Gateway Company Registration

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Work Packages

To submit an expression of interest, select the icon next to the work package scope you are interested in.
Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest shown below are subject to change.

CAF-02 Surveying6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Validating and monitoring survey works, to check quality of the construction and measurements of others.
CAF-03 Environmental Monitoring6 Dec 1917 May 20 
Monitoring of air and water quality during the construction of the works.
CAF-05 Security Services6 Dec 1917 May 20 
Security and access control system for the Stabling and Maintenance Facility and its buildings.
CAF-01 Signalling Communications and Charging Points - Installation6 Dec 1930 Jun 20 
Installation of the signalling and communications equipment provided by the Signalling and Communications subcontractor. Installation of the charging point provided by CAF in Weastmead Terminal.
CAF-04 Fencing and Gates6 Dec 1930 Jun 20 
Temporary fencing around construction site.
LORC-001 Architectural Screening6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Modular framed screen system to screen the Backup Operations Control Center (BOCC) and Traction Power Supply (TPS) from the public using the architectural language generated from the Stop design and the urban context.
LORC-002 Backup Operations Control Center (BOCC) Building (including fitout and finishes)6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Back up OCC building, complete with all structure, finishes, fitout. BOCC building is supported on a raft slab which supports the external reinforced block wall of the building and the perimeter screen outside the external wall of the building.
LORC-003 Electrical and Communications Services6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Electrical and Communications Package across Stops, Substation and BOCC inc. LV / Small Power, Lighting, Comms. Main Switchboard, Distribution Boards, Final sub circuits, Lighting Protection, Emergency Lighting Systems etc.
LORC-004 Compressed Air Services6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Compressed Air within LRV pits, Workshops, Sand and Wash facilities.
LORC-005 Fire Protections Services6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Sprinklers Systems, smoke alarms, hose reel, gas suppression systems within all buildings as applicable.
LORC-006 Fitout and Finishes6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Architecture finishes, joinery, misc. furniture, handrail and balustrade, wet areas.
LORC-007 HVAC6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
All mechanical services; Ventilation, Air Conditioning Units, duct work.
LORC-008 Hydraulic Services6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Installation of sewer pipe work, drainage (plumb into wet areas, bathrooms, kitchen etc.), potable water supply.
LORC-009 Lifts - Stabling and Maintenance Building6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Supply and install three story passenger/goods lift.
LORC-011 Overhead Travelling Cranes - Specialist Package6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Supply and install 1 x 10T gantry crane, 3 x 5T gantry crane.
LORC-013 Structure and Cladding6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Supply and install of structural steel.
Supply and install of precast concrete wall to G.
Supply and install of king span cladding walls or similar product to building envelope.
Supply and install of glazing elements.
All necessary waterproofing and flashing to seal building.
LORC-014 Stormwater Harvesting Package6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Building - Water, Sewer, Fire
LORC-015 Drainage Services Routes6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Stabling and Maintenance Facility - Site Wide Drainage (Yard Only)
LORC-016 Earthworks6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
SaM Facilty - Earthworks (Excavation, trenching, and backfilling)
Ground work preparation for building works
LORC-017 Fencing and Gates6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
1 x Motorised LRV gate
1 x Pedestrian gate
1 x Motorised vehicle gate
Approx. 1,000 LM high security fence
LORC-018 Form Reo Pour (Concreting)6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Ground Slab Maintenance Building and Minor Buildings
Suspended slab for Maintenace building
All pits and upstands
LORC-019 Landscaping (TPS)6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Misc. hard (Asphalt) and soft landscaping (Planting footpath, trees, irrigation, benches)
LORC-020 Minor Civil Works6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Site wide lighting, earthworks, footpaths, concrete finishes, kerb & gutter, surfacing and lining..etc.
LORC-021 Paving and Finishes6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
All tiling, tactiles, coping to surface of slab by others
Architecutral wind break screens
Rubbish bins, benches, and other misc. stop furniture
LORC-022 Roads and Car Parks6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Placement of all roads, infill slabs
Kerbing and guttering
LORC-023 Water Sewer and Fire Services6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Trenched services through yard (excluding Building works).
LORC-024 Wayfinding and Signage6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Fence line signage
SaMF yard wayfinding
Building wayfinding, statutory and DDA signage
LORC-025 AUX Cable - Supply6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Linewide OHW and SaMF
Feeder & Return Cables (~13,400LM x 400mm2)
LORC-027 HV - Traction Power Supply (TPS) Connections6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Construct CSR, install cables, connections.
LORC-028 Integrated Service Cabinets6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Installation of Integrated Service Cabinets in stops (Up to 20 required)
LORC-029 Dilapidation Identification6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Express interest in this opportunity.
LORC-030 Surveying Services6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Survey works for Track, Civil, OHW, and building
LORC-031 Security Services6 Dec 1931 Jan 20 
Express interest for this opportunity.