Social and Sustainable Procurement

The Victorian Government is committed to social procurement and has established the Social Procurement Framework. The Framework enables buyers and suppliers to use the Government's buying power to deliver social, economic and environmental outcomes that benefit the Victorian community, the economy and the environment.

ICN is responding to this need by connecting community to the opportunities. The need for this task has been increased by Victoria’s infrastructure ‘Big Build’ projects resulting in untapped opportunities for supply. ICN is committed to working with partners to improve the accessibility of information and knowledge on the availability of social and sustainable products, materials, services in conjunction with facilitating connections between community and industry for social, economic and environmental outcomes.

ICN is committed to supporting this project by compiling social, economic and sustainable information on ICN Gateway to create a difference to people’s lives. Examples of 'for purpose' businesses include:

  • Ability Works
    A not for profit social enterprise operating since 1963 in Kew, Melbourne. With four business units: wire & metal fabrication, digital technology, packaging and assembly, logistics and fundraising, Ability Works produce and trade in goods and services with many businesses.
  • Victoria's Big Build
    Victoria’s Big Build is generating thousands of local jobs for Victorians, in sectors ranging from construction and engineering to human resources and administration. Employment and training programmes include the Aboriginal Pathway Program, CareerSeekers Program, Engineering Pathways Industry Cadetship (EPIC) Program, Grow Training Program, Gen 44 & Gen 8 Program, Women in Transport Mentoring Program and more.
  • Streat
    Youth homelessness and disadvantage are hard to swallow. That’s why STREAT works with others to stop it, one mouthful at a time. Together Streat offer disadvantaged youth aged 16-25 a supported pathway from the street to a sustainable livelihood.
  • Wamarra
    Building better together. Wamarra is a self-performing contractor, providing meaningful careers to Aboriginal people through long term and sustainable employment.

This Expression of Interest (EOI) process has been constructed a little differently from how suppliers might be used to on ICN Gateway. This process has two main functions:

  1. To inform ICN’s understanding of local industry, provide insight when assessing those local capabilities and, to then allow ICN to promote your business for potential opportunities. 
  2. The prequalification questions have been developed to prompt "self-assessment" by suppliers. If selected no to any of the relevant questions, the supplier should take this as a potential next step in their social and sustainable program.

Disadvantaged cohorts 

  • Long term unemployed people from culturally diverse communities including
    refugees and asylum seekers. Asylum seekers must be resident in Victoria and hold
    a visa with work entitlements (e.g. temporary protection or Safe Haven Enterprise
    Visa (SHEV)).
  • disengaged young people (aged 15-24 and not engaged in education, training or
  • single parents
  • refugees and asylum seekers
  • workers in transition
  • Aboriginal jobseekers (The term Aboriginal is used to refer to both Aboriginal and
    Torres Strait Islander people)
  • mature age people (aged 50+)
  • ex-offenders
  • victims of family violence
  • youth justice clients
  • workers retrenched from the automotive manufacturing and supply chain industry
  • other retrenched workers
  • jobseekers with a disability
  • jobseekers with a mental illness
  • social housing tenants and
  • veterans and their families.

Useful Links

  1. Victorian Government - Social Procurement Framework

  2. Social Traders

  3. Kinaway

  4. Supply Nation


  • To submit an EOI, companies must have an ICN Gateway company profile. Information on how to register your company on ICN Gateway is detailed below.
  • Log into your ICN Gateway company profile and click on the box icon under the 'Full Scope EOI' column listed against the work package.
  • Provide answers to the questions in the EOI form and click 'Submit'.
  • The information gathered as part of this EOI will be provided to prospective bidders of Government projects seeking to deliver social and sustainable outcomes.
  • To sign up for email notifications go the "notifications" under the My Account section of your Dashboard. 


  • Click here to register your company profile on ICN Gateway.
  • Support and assistance are available through the web links listed below.
  • An ICN Gateway company profile that accurately and effectively summarises your company is critical to using the services of the ICN network - please ensure that your company invests the time and energy required to represent your company in the most effective manner possible.
  • Companies should ensure that the email notification functionality within their ICN Gateway company profile is activated to include an appropriate level of coverage to General ICN Information and Updates, Major Projects and Regional Opportunities.

    (1) ICN Gateway Setup Wizard
    (2) ICN Gateway User Guide

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