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Amentum is a premier, global government and private-sector partner whose experience, passion and purpose drive mission success. We operate, serve, maintain, protect and support the most discerning and critical programs in Nuclear & Environment, Mission Support & Sustainment, Threat Mitigation, Mission Assurance, Strategic Capabilities Engineering in Critical Infrastructures, Facilities, and Ranges both in the US and abroad. Amentum’s culture of safety, operational excellence, and ethics was formed throughout our 116-year heritage and sharpened by our unrelenting dedication to the customer’s mission.

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NT Australia
Tendering and Contracting Opportunities

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Industry Capability Network (NT)
+61 8 8922 9422
Theresa Tanzer
Subcontracts Administrator Snr
+61 8 8951 2268

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0. Miscellaneous

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1. OASIS Project Opportunities

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2. VESTA Housing Program Opportunities

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