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The Geelong Convention & Exhibition Centre Project is funded by all three levels of government and is the largest single investment through the Geelong City Deal, which is a 10-year plan to revitalise Geelong and unlock the potential of the Great Ocean Road visitor economy.

The State seeks the best in private sector expertise to deliver the Project as a whole-of-precinct integrated development to activate a 1.6 hectare waterfront site (Site) in central Geelong.

The Project comprises:

  • the GCEC facility capable of attracting a wide range of conventions, exhibitions, and events;
  • a 4 star/Upscale hotel of at least 200 rooms;
  • public realm in and around the Site; and
  • other complementary commercial and/or residential developments, all to be delivered as a master-planned precinct in accordance with the successful Respondent's proposal.

Rural and Regional Victoria (RRV) is the lead responsible agency within the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR). Development Victoria (DV) is managing the procurement and delivery of the Project in accordance with the Partnerships Victoria framework on behalf of the State.


The private sector will be responsible for:

  • master-planning of the precinct;
  • designing, constructing and commissioning the GCEC facility, including delivery of associated utilities infrastructure and provision of FF&E and ICT assets;
  • designing, constructing and commissioning the hotel, to be operated by the private sector; and
  • designing and constructing any other retail, commercial and/or residential developments.

An extensive suite of trade packages will be required to deliver the facility, hotel and other developments including (depending on the winning tender's final design):

  • Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels
  • Bulk Excavation and Fill
  • Carpet and Floor Mats
  • Concrete and Detailed Excavation
  • Electrical - Power, Lighting, Comms
  • Facade
  • Fire (Wet - Sprinklers, Hydrants and Hosereels)
  • Glazed Screens / Balustrades
  • Hydraulics
  • Joinery / Fitments
  • Kitchen / Servery Fitout
  • Landscaping and Paving
  • Lift
  • Lighting / Rigging
  • Masonry / Blockwork
  • Mechanical
  • Operable Walls
  • Painting
  • Piling
  • Plasterering - Ceilings, Metal Partitions and Linings
  • Retractable seating
  • Roofing, Eaves Lining and Metal Wall Cladding
  • Security
  • Signage
  • Solar
  • Steel
  • Tiling


The indicative Project timeline is as follows (subject to change):

  • July 2022 - RFP shortlist announced
  • Sept 2022 - Request for Proposals released
  • March 2023 - Proposals submitted
  • July 2023 - Preferred tenderer selected
  • September 2023 - Contract signed
  • Late 2023 - Construction commencement
  • Late 2025 - Construction completion


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