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  Chris Reilly
  (04) 3961 6759

  Locations: VIC Australia
  Project Value: A$447 million
  Project Status: Construction

Project Details

About the Project

The Victorian Heart Hospital Project will see the construction of Australia’s first Cardiac Specific Heart Hospital. Located in Clayton on the Monash University Campus the completed hospital will see a structure consisting of 3 Operating Theatres, 206 beds, 10 Catheterisation Laboratories. The new Hospital will also include car and bicycle parking for patients. Upon completion the Victorian Heart Hospital will provide annually:

  • 2,150 Cardiac surgery operations
  • 10,000 Interventional cardiac catheterisation laboratory procedures
  • 3,000 cardiac rhythm laboratory procedures
  • 8500+ cardiac computed tomography (CT) scans and 2800 cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans
  • 48,000 clinic/tele-medicine consultations and 60,000 consulting room consultations
  • 28,300 cardiac emergency department presentations

Works will commence in the middle of 2019 with a forecast completion date in late 2022.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) (‘The Principal’) has appointed John Holland as the Managing Contractor to manage the design and construction of building the Victorian Heart Hospital on the Monash University Clayton Campus.

The scope of the project includes:

  • Major road works on Blackburn Road
  • Site contouring and basement excavation
  • Substructure
  • Superstructure
  • Hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and fire protection building services
  • Vertical transport
  • Structural steel, roofing
  • Façade and cladding
  • Internal fit out (partitions & ceilings, joinery, floor finishes, painting etc)
  • Fixtures, fittings and equipment
  • Commercial kitchen, laboratories and specialist equipment

The works packages listed on this page are for the purpose of providing companies with the opportunity to express their interest in any of the future packages of work, this page does not contain an invitation to tender.

Generally unless a work package is clearly identified to be for partial scope (i.e. supply only or install only) or identified to have separate optional components, all work packages are for the full scope.

Compliance with the Building Code

The Victorian Heart Hospital Project operates under the Code for Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 (Building Code).  Companies registering an expression of interest (EOI) must complete and attach with their expression of interest the Declaration of Compliance with the Building Code.  Furthermore compliance with the Building Code is an ongoing condition of both tendering and performing any works on the Project.

The Building Code Declaration form 'JH-APP-HRT-002-06 DECLARATION OF COMPLIANCE.docx' can be downloaded from the Project Documents section below.

Expressions of interest registered without the Building Code Declaration will not be selected for further consideration.

Supplier Pre-qualification

The pre-qualification questionnaire to be completed by your company to lodge a valid expression of interest will be used by John Holland to evaluate expressions of interest.  The questionnaire is intended to provide an overall picture of the size and history of your company and the accuracy and completeness of responses provided by your company will help John Holland to determine the suitability of your company to the work package and the project generally.  An incomplete pre-qualification questionnaire may mean that your company cannot be selected for further consideration.

If your company is selected to be invited to tender for a work package, you will be requested to provide further and more detailed information about your company and the methodology your company proposes to bring to the Project.

Before deciding whether or not to register your company’s interest, you should take note of the following requirements which companies must respond to in the pre-qualification and will form part of the conditions of tender if your company is selected to be invited to tender:

  • Local Jobs First (Victorian Industry Participation Policy)
  • Major Projects Skills Guarantee
  • Aboriginal Employment Target


  • Work Packages currently available to submit an EOI for are listed below.
  • To submit an EOI for the Work Package/s listed, companies must have an ICN Gateway company profile. Information on how to register your company on ICN Gateway is detailed below.
  • John Holland will be provided with your detailed company profile outlining capabilities to supply into the project. It will then be the responsibility of John Holland to make direct contact with your company.
  • The services, programmes and initiatives provided by ICN Victoria are aimed at complimenting a company's existing Sales, Marketing and Business Development strategy and any EOI submitted should not be considered as an alternative to these activities.


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Project Documents


Pre-qualification Questionnaire
Declaration of Compliance Form

Work Packages

To submit an expression of interest, select the icon next to the work package scope you are interested in.
Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest shown below are subject to change.

FFE001 Theatre Sterilising Services Unit Major Equipment4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Design, supply, installation and commissioning of major equipment for TSSU including washer disinfector, steriliser, cart washer, low temperature steriliser, pass through drying cabinet, TOE probe and Scope disinfection system.
FFE002 Medical pendants and surgical/procedure/examination lights4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Design, supply, installation and commissioning of cotton reels, medical pendants, surgical, procedure and examination lights
ICT201 Nurse Call and Master Clocks4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Design, prototype, supply and commission an integrated Nurse Call system and accompanying Master Clock system.
ICT202 Wayfinding and Patient Queueing4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Design, prototype, supply and commission an integrated Electronic Wayfinding system and accompanying Patient Queueing system.
ICT2A01 Audio Visual4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Supply and installation of the AV required for the Facility including Theatre, Labs, Conference rooms, meeting rooms, interview rooms as well as providing supporting systems such as room booking, digital signage systems.
ICT301 System Integrator Package4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Design and commissioning of the core network and systems for the Facility. Key systems include the LAN, WLAN and WAN; Facility Messaging System; Mobile duress; Real Time Location System and Telephony/VOIP.
ICT302 Patient Infotainment4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Design, prototype, supply and commission an integrated Patient Entertainment system that also servers as a patient information source.
MW003 Vertical Transport4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Design, supply and installation of passenger lifts, goods lift and ECMO lifts.
MW004 Electrical Services4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Supply and installation of power, lighting, comms, security, major plant & equipment.
MW005 Mechanical Services4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Supply and installation of HVAC, MSSB, major plant & equipment, controls, BMS, medical gases and pneumatic tube systems.
MW006 Hydraulics4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Water, sanitary plumbing, sanitary fixtures, major plant & equipment.
MW007 Superstructure4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Supply & install formwork, reinforcement, concrete, post tensioning, bondeck & sheer studs, precast supply and installation.
MW008 Fire Protection Services4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Wet & dry fire services.
MW010 Facade4 Jun 1930 Jun 19 
Curtain wall, external windows & doors, external screens & sunshades, glazed entry & shopfronts, canopies, and feature cladding screens including all shop detailing, fabrication and installation.
MW001 Tree Removal4 Jun 1918 Jun 19 
Cut down and remove from Site nominated trees including removal of all branches and foliage. Stump removal by others.
MW002 Civil Works4 Jun 1918 Jun 19 
Blackburn Road realignment & slip lane construction, site contouring, bulk excavation, retention piling & diaphragm walls, foundation piling, internal road network, stormwater.