Rheinmetall Defence Australia: Establishing a national military vehicle capability for Australia

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Project Details

A national military vehicle capability for Australia

Rheinmetall Defence Australia is establishing a national military vehicle capability in Australia as part of its focus on delivering the Land 1213B, Land 1213B/5B and Land 400 Phase 2 programs for the Commonwealth of Australia. The Company has also recently lodged a response to the Commonwealth’s Request for Tender for the Land 400 Phase 3 program - the supply of 400 Infantry Fighting Vehicles to the Commonwealth.

Links to Rheinmetall Defence Australia Land 400 Phase 2 and Phase 3 Programs on ICN Gateway are below:



In keeping with its ongoing industry engagement activities, Rheinmetall encourages engagement by companies across Australia with an interest in becoming part of a national military vehicle industry. This opens the way for potential opportunities to supply parts, products and services into Australian military vehicle programs or Rheinmetall’s Global Supply Chain, servicing military vehicle programs regionally or globally.

National Military Vehicle Capability

Through its partnership with the Queensland Government, Rheinmetall is also establishing a Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) near Brisbane. The MILVEHCOE will be the centrepiece of an 11.1 hectare precinct incorporating a regional headquarters for Rheinmetall Defence and employing around 450 staff. 

Currently the largest supplier of military vehicles to the Australian Defence Force, Rheinmetall will establish the MILVEHCOE as its regional hub for the continuous design, manufacture, export and support for military vehicles, turrets and tactical systems.Once completed in early 2020, the facility will deliver the Commonwealth’s $5.2 billion Land 400 Phase 2 project to the Australian Army. It will also draw on a supply network across Australia to deliver products and services from local industry into Rheinmetall’s Global Supply Chain.

About Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall sets the global standard for excellence in a wide array of disciplines and offers an extensive array of military hardware that delivers mobility, lethality, survivability of troops, reconnaissance capability and networking of national and international systems. Rheinmetall Defence Australia and New Zealand is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall AG, with offices in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.


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