The Solar River Project

Contact Details

  Jeff Camburn, ICN SA
  +61 8 8303 2054

  Merril Kirk
  +61 8 8303 2383

  Locations: SA Australia
  Project Value: $480 million
  Project Status: Pre-Construction

Project Details

The project includes a 200MW PV array with an integration of 300MWh battery system. This project brings the most advanced solar PV power generation and storage technology to South Australia. The project will deliver energy security, carbon reduction and hundreds of local jobs. The 200 Mega Watt Ground Mounted Array will be connected to Australian National Grid via a 275,000-volt transmission line.

The project is expected to generate (150) jobs in the development phase, (400) regional jobs in the 18-month construction phase and (25) regional jobs for the 25 year plus 25-year life of the facility supporting field operations and maintenance activities.

The development includes the establishment of two community funds with the traditional owners the Ngadjuri people and the Regional Goyder Council for sports, education and the Arts. A conservation park for endangered species research and protection is also planned. This is an opportunity for job creation in regional communities whilst participating in the step change to a cleaner world eliminating millions of tonnes of pollutants emitted through conventional coal and gas fired electricity generation.

Project Location

The location of the project is 110km north of Adelaide, South Australia near Robertstown, out of hundreds in outback South Australia. The site is located in a high solar region on large allotments of pastoral land well suited to board acre PV installation and operation.

Status and Schedule

The project has secured Section 49 crown development approval and has secured a 15 year PPA with Alinta Energy. Construction of the Solar River Project is anticipated to take 18 months, with construction starting in 2019. The project is finalising the construction (EPC) contractor. Once assigned, supplier contracts will be with the EPC directly.

The Solar River project encourages local industry interested in supplying to the project to register an expression of interest (EOI) through the ICN Gateway.


Work Packages

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Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest shown below are subject to change.

The Solar River Project - Any Opportunities27 Jul 1830 Apr 2030 Apr 20
Express interest for any opportunities that may arise for this project.
Building Certifications7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Building Certifications - Subcontract
Buses / Workforce Transportation7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Buses / Workforce Transportation - Subcontract
Cable Covers7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Cable Covers - Supply Item
Cable Termination and Mounting Accessories7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Cable Termination & Mounting Accessories - Supply Item
Cable Ties7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Cable Ties - Supply Item
Cable Trenching7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Cable Trenching - Subcontract
Cables (HV LV DC and Control)7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Cables (HV, LV, DC and Control) - Supply Item
CCTV7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
CCTV - Subcontract
Concrete Foundations7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Concrete Foundations - Subcontract
Conduits7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Conduits - Supply Item
Current and Voltage Transformers7 Nov 1929 Nov 19 
Current & Voltage Transformers - Supply Item
DC Batteries and Charger7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
DC Batteries & Charger - Supply Item
DC Isolator Box7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
DC Isolator Box - Supply Item
Demountable Buildings and Switchrooms7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Demountable Buildings/Switchrooms - Supply Item
Diesel Generator7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Diesel Generator - Supply Item
Dilapidation Report7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Dilapidation Report - Subcontract
Earthing Conductor7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Earthing Conductor - Supply Item
Earthing Works7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Earthing Works - Subcontract
Earthworks Roads and Drainage7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Earthworks, Roads & Drainage - Subcontract
Fibre Cables7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Fibre Cables - Supply Item
Fibre Install7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Fibre Install - Subcontract
Harmonic Filter7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Harmonic Filter - Supply Item
HV Termination Works7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
HV Termination Works - Subcontract
HV Transformers7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
HV Transformers - Supply & Install
Insulated Earth Cables7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Insulated Earth Cables - Supply Item
Insulators7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Insulators - Supply Item
Landscaping7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Landscaping - Minor Works
Logistics and Freight Forwarding7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Logistics & Freight Forwarding - Services
Neutral Earth Resistor7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Neutral Earth Resistor - Supply Item
Oil Water Separator and Containment7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Oil/Water Separator & Containment - Supply Item
Piling7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Piling - Subcontract
Protection Relays7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Protection Relays - Supply Item
PV Module Install7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
PV Module Install - Site Works
Site - Hire equipment and facilities7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Site - Hire equipment and facilities - Supply Item
Site facilities7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Site facilities - Supply Item
Site Fencing7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Site Fencing - Subcontract
Site Shed or Warehouse7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Site Shed/Warehouse - Subcontract
Solar Tracker7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Solar Tracker - Supply
Solar Tracker Install7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Solar Tracker Install - Site Works
Steel Piles7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Steel Piles - Supply
Substation Structural Steelwork7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Substation Structural Steelwork - supply Item
Surge Arrestors7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Surge Arrestors - Supply Item
Surveyor7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Surveyor - Subcontract
Tooling7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Tooling - Supply Item
Water Tanks7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Water Tanks - Supply Item
Weather Stations7 Nov 1925 Nov 19 
Weather Stations - Supply Item