Chisholm Road Prison Project

Chisholm Road Prison Project

The Victorian Government has awarded this contract to John Holland.

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The Victorian Government is building a new maximum security prison in the vicinity of the existing Prison Precinct which includes Barwon Prison and Marngoneet Correctional Centre.

Known as the Chisholm Road Prison Project, the delivery of the new maximum security prison is a part of ongoing planning to ensure the prison system is safe, secure and well-equipped to meet demand.

The project is being led by the Community Safety Building Authority (CSBA), with John Holland as the Managing Contractor.

CSBA provide the end-to-end project management and delivery of Victoria’s new prisons, youth justice centres, court and custody facilities, emergency services facilities and public safety features such as pedestrian walkway bollards and CCTV networks.

As well as delivering new infrastructure, the CSBA also modernises, expands and upgrades existing facilities.

Corrections Victoria will manage the new prison once it is operational.

Providing a new maximum security facility is an essential part of the government’s commitment to improving community safety.


The new maximum security prison is being built in the Barwon South West Region in the outer-Geelong suburb of Lara, in the vicinity of the existing prison precinct which includes Barwon Prison and Marngoneet Correctional Centre. 

The location was identified as a good option due to existing infrastructure such as road and public transport links and the proximity to local courts.

Project scope 

The new prison will:

  • accommodate 1248 prisoners
  • play a key role in planning for increases in the prison population 
  • create more than 650 ongoing jobs 
  • support up to 900 direct and indirect jobs across the steel, manufacturing, construction, engineering and other sectors during construction
  • deliver an estimated economic benefit of $173 million to the Greater Geelong Region during the construction phase. 

Project Website 


Construction is set to start in late 2019 with the facility expected to be operational in 2022.

Local Content

92% Local Content target.

Major Project Skills Guarantee (MPSG)

10% apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets target

Social Procurement Initiatives

The following targets have been agreed on for the Chisholm Road Prison Project:

  • $16.3 million in social procurement activity
  • 4% Aboriginal employment target (based on works’ total estimate labour hours)

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Project at a glance

VIC Australia
John Holland Pty Ltd

Contact Details

Peter McCracken
Regional Manager Barwon Region
+61 407 505 477

Work Package
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Closed: 16 Oct 2019
Closed: 16 Oct 2019
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The Victorian Government is building a new maximum security prison in the vicinity of the existing prison precinct which includes Barwon Prison and Marngoneet Correctional Centre.

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