Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE)

Contact Details

  Industry Capability Network
  (07) 3364 0670

  Locations: QLD Australia
  Project Value: $160m
  Project Status: Schematic Design

Project Details

The MILVEHCOE is comprised of the following key facilities and infrastructure elements:

·         Production / Workshop Building;

·         Main Warehouse Building;

·         Administration Offices / Canteen Building;

·         Support buildings



During the remainder of 2018, Watpac is undertaking a detailed design of the project to enable a detailed project budget to be established and agreed (expected to be received in the final quarter of 2018). Future procurement decisions are dependent on project approval.

Construction of the project is anticipated to take 18 months once final approval is granted.



Watpac encourages local industry interested in supplying to the project to register an expression of interest (EOI) through the ICN Gateway webpage.

Information on specific supply opportunities will be communicated on the ICN Gateway project page as it becomes available, with local industry able to register its interest against them.

Please ensure that:

·       Your company profile on the ICN Gateway is complete, up-to-date and accurate including electing to be notified via e-mail of supply opportunities

·       You register your interest as a full scope supplier, and

·       You respond to all project and work package-specific questions.

It is important that businesses submitting an EOI are aware that their submission does not guarantee that they will progress further in the procurement process. Only companies that can demonstrate capability and capacity in accordance with Watpac’s standards will be invited to pre-qualify for specific opportunities.


The MILVEHCOE Project will be procured using the Queensland Government Procurement Strategy. Further Information regarding the Strategy is available by clicking on the below link:

Queensland Government Procurement Strategy


Due to the nature of the project, ICN is trying to maximise the notifications of opportunities to all companies with capability in construction. As a result your company may receive some work-packages in notifications that are outside of your capability.


For more information about the project, please click on this link below.


Watpac strongly encourage local industry to contact the ICN Queensland in the first instance to improve their understanding of the EOI process.

Watpac’s primary contact is:

Mr Donald Roe

(07) 3251 6300


Work Packages

To submit an expression of interest, select the icon next to the work package scope you are interested in.

Blockwork1 Jun 1822 Oct 18 
Brick/Block supply and laying including all internal and external walls, installation of bar reinforcement, core filling and sundries
Electrical Services1 Jun 1822 Oct 18 
Electrical services including power, trenching, conduits, cables and cable support systems, Switchboards, distribution boards and switchgear, UPS, Lightning protection, lighting (including lighting control, emergency and road/ pathway lighting), dry fire detection systems/ EWIS, BMS systems interface, telecommunication and information technology services and MATV systems
Fire Services1 Jun 1822 Oct 18 
Supply and installation of fire services including sprinklers, pumps, hydrants, tanks and similar, detectors and alarms.
Hydraulic Services1 Jun 1822 Oct 18 
Plumbing and drainage includes supply of sanitary fixture and fittings, pumps and tanks
Mechanical Services1 Jun 1822 Oct 18 
Mechanical services supply and install including air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and exhaust systems, Cooling Towers fans, chillers, ductwork and pipework required, electrical works associated with the mechanical services (including MSSB/ DB's), fire services works associated with the mechanical services (including connection with fire services control equipment), building management system (BMS), automatic controls systems, louvres and grilles
Concrete Place and Finish1 Jun 1823 Oct 18 
Concrete placement/finishing and curing to slabs, columns, walls and stairs
Concrete Pump1 Jun 1823 Oct 18 
Mobile concrete pumping, including hire
Plant Hire1 Jun 185 Nov 18 
General building plant hire inclusive of builders equipment, earthworks machinery including street sweepers, dewatering pumps, forklifts and telehandlers
Scaffolding1 Jun 185 Nov 18 
Design, hire, erection, certification, monitor, manage/ maintain and dismantle scaffolding systems
Post Tensioning1 Jun 188 Nov 18 
Design and construct post tensioning
Roof Safety Systems1 Jun 1813 Nov 18 
Design, supply, installation and certification of roof access and safety systems
Roofing and Metal Cladding1 Jun 1813 Nov 18 
Supply and install of metal roofing and wall cladding systems
Blast Doors1 Jun 1815 Nov 18 
Design and construct blast vault doors
EMC Chamber1 Jun 1822 Nov 18 
Design and construct electromagnetic compatibility chamber
Pre-Fabricated Booths1 Jun 1822 Nov 18 
Design supply and install spray paint boothes
Secure Weapons/ITAR Storage Vault Enclosures1 Jun 1822 Nov 18 
Design and construct secure weapons storage vaults
Composite Cladding1 Jun 1829 Nov 18 
Supply and install composite external cladding systems
External Windows and Doors1 Jun 1829 Nov 18 
Design, supply, install and certify commercial glazed facade & aluminium windows
Louvres and Grilles1 Jun 1829 Nov 18 
Supply and installation of metal louvres to plant rooms and facade elements, includes acoustic louvres
Sunscreens1 Jun 1829 Nov 18 
Design, supply and install of external sun shading systems
Architectural Hardware1 Jun 187 Dec 18 
Supply and installation of all door hardware, bathroom hardware, and sanitary fixings
Doors and Frames1 Jun 187 Dec 18 
Supply and installation of all internal and external doors, frames, and fire door sets
Operable Walls1 Jun 187 Dec 18 
Supply and installation of operable walls
Roller Shutters and Grilles1 Jun 187 Dec 18 
Supply and installation of roller shutters
Toilet Partitions1 Jun 187 Dec 18 
Design, supply and installation of toilet and shower cubicles
Metalwork1 Jun 1811 Dec 18 
Sundry metalwork, metal gates, bollards, corners guards, fencing contractors, aluminium suppliers, equitable access platforms to the stadium bowl, bump rails, flag poles and similar items
Gantry Cranes1 Jun 1812 Dec 18 
Design and construct overhead gantry cranes
Racking1 Jun 1813 Dec 18 
Supply and install all warehouse racking systems
Ceilings and Partitions1 Jun 1817 Dec 18 
Supply and install partitioning, ceilings, internal glazing, and general carpentry
Joinery1 Jun 1819 Dec 18 
Shop draw, supply and install joinery items and benchtops including for kitchens, vanity units, bars and similar items
Commercial Kitchen1 Jun 1821 Dec 18 
Supply and installation of food and beverage provisions including SS benches, exhaust hoods, appliances and equipment
Tiling1 Jun 1825 Dec 18 
Supply, installation and testing of tiles to amenities, wet areas, lobbies and terraces
Carpet and Vinyl1 Jun 1827 Dec 18 
Carpet and Vinyl
Seamless Flooring1 Jun 1827 Dec 18 
Supply and install seamless epoxy flooring
Painting1 Jun 1831 Dec 18 
Painting and rendering to internal and external surfaces
Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FFE)1 Jun 189 Jan 19 
Design/Supply and delivery of loose furniture and equipment including whitegoods, desks, chairs, shelving, pin boards, whiteboards, TV's, shelving racks and similar items
Civil Works and Roadworks1 Jun 1823 Jan 19 
Roadworks, carparks, crossovers, kerbs/ drainage, footpaths and paving
Landscaping1 Jun 186 Feb 19 
Soft and hard landscaping includes plant supply, design and construct irrigation systems, boulders and sundry retaining walls, landscape furniture, garden edging, bench seats, precast feature elements and the like
Blinds and Curtains1 Jun 1820 Feb 19 
Supply and install blinds and curtains
Fencing and Gates1 Jun 1820 Feb 19 
Design, supply and install external perimeter security fencing and boom gates
Signage1 Jun 1820 Feb 19 
Design, supply and installation of building, wayfinding and statutory signage
Final Clean1 Jun 1820 Apr 19 
Professional final building cleaning subcontract services inclusive of working at heights and abseiling
Bulk Excavation1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Bulking out excavation, working platforms, building platforms inclusive of preload, ground improvement, temporary environmental management, and existing soil condition management
Concrete Supply1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Concrete supply and testing companies
Detailed Excavation1 Jun 1825 Sep 18 
Detailed excavation of footings and foundations, lift pits, ground slab preparation
Dilapidation Survey1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Professional dilapidation survey services to verify and record existing site conditions and adjoining areas including roadways and creek/ mangrove areas.
Formwork1 Jun 189 Oct 18 
Formwork systems for columns, isolated/ integrated beams, slab edge forms, stairs/ aisle steps and insitu walls /Ground slab forms
Lift Services1 Jun 1820 Aug 18 
Design and construct lift suppliers and installers
Mobile Cranage1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Mobile Crane Hire Companies with licenced crane operators & dogman
Pile Trimming1 Jun 1810 Sep 18 
Demolition of piles to correct heights
Piling1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Design and construct building piles
Precast Concrete1 Jun 183 Sep 18 
Design, shop draw, supply and delivery of precast walls
Precast Install1 Jun 183 Sep 18 
Riggers and associated crane hire for the erection of precast concrete elements
Progressive Cleaning1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Labour hire & cleaning subcontract services
Project Survey1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Professional Surveying Services for site boundary/ temporary site works/civil/building gridlines/ benchmarks/ RL's setout
Reinforcement Fix1 Jun 188 Oct 18 
Fixing bar and mesh reinforcement for slabs, columns, walls and stairs
Reinforcement Supply1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Professional scheduling, supply and delivery of bar and mesh reinforcement/ PVC membrane including sundry items, dowel bars and jointing materials
Site Access Control1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Temporary boom gates & security access control system to the construction site
Site Security1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Security subcontract services inclusive of security guards & canine support - Out of hours
Site Waste/Bin hire1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Waste/ skip bins & site building/ all general waste removal
Structural Steel1 Jun 1817 Aug 18 
Engineering shop drawings, steel supply, fabrication, finish, installation (inclusive of all necessary temporary works engineering)
Subcontractor Amenities and Covered Walkways1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Supply and install Temporary Sheds - Offices, lunch rooms, amenities and covered walkways
Temporary Electrical1 Jun 1825 Aug 18 
Provide temporary electrical services including power (generator & solar), access lighting, metering, 'A-Frames'/ power boards, phone/ data, access/ street/ carpark lighting and site temp CCTV to Site Establishment and Onsite temp services
Temporary Fencing1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Supply and install of temporary fencing, hoarding and gates
Temporary Hydraulics1 Jun 1825 Aug 18 
Provide temporary hydraulic services including water, sewer, water coolers, sewer tanks/ pumps, metering and the like
Termite Protection1 Jun 1822 Sep 18 
Design and construct a termite management system
Traffic Management1 Jun 1818 Jul 18 
Licenced traffic control subcontractors (manage, monitor and maintain)
Waterproofing1 Jun 1810 Sep 18 
Licenced/accredited professional waterproofing, sealing & sealant subcontractors