Jervois Base Metal Project

KGL Resources is an Australian-based mineral exploration company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. KGL Resources is focused on the reopening of the Jervois Base Metal Project, which it acquired in 2011. 

The Jervois Base Metal Project (the Project) is 380 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs in Central Australia, off the Plenty Highway. The nearest occupied communities are Bonya and Harts Range.

The Project contains a significant and high-grade copper resource, as well as silver, gold, lead and zinc in several deposits. The ore would be mined by open cut and underground methods and processed to a concentrate on site. The concentrate will be transported in enclosed containers by road into Alice Springs via the Plenty and Stuart Highways. Ore will then be loaded onto trains for transport to Darwin and/or Adelaide.

The Project footprint is estimated at 970 hectares of which a significant portion has been disturbed by historic mining activities. The Project will include stockpiles, a processing plant, tailings storage facilities, workshops, laydown areas, offices, operational buildings, access and haul roads, power generation and supply facilities, water storage and supply infrastructure and an accommodation camp.

The Project builds upon a unique history of mining and has the potential to make a significant positive economic impact to the region over the next decade. It has a potential mine life of 12 to 15 years, producing up to 150,000 tonnes of base metal concentrate per year*.

The NT Environment Protection Authority determined an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is required for the Project.  Preparation of the EIS is currently underway.

If approved, construction will commence in 2019, with mining and commissioning in 2020.

* This is not an indication of the Jervois Resource or Reserve. It is a statement for the purpose of the EIS process in anticipation of the potential growth of the Resource.


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