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North East Link Program
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The North East Link is the biggest ever investment in Melbourne's north-east - changing the way people move around Melbourne.

In response to community feedback the North East Link Program includes building longer tunnels and simpler underground interchanges to create more space for parklands, wetlands and a tree-lined Greensborough Road Boulevard. The North East Link Tunnels will take 15,000 trucks off local roads a day and slash travel times by up to 35 minutes.

Melbourne's first dedicated busway will make it quicker and easier to get to and from the city with a bus every minute in the peak, an upgraded park and ride in Doncaster and a fast-tracked park and ride in Bulleen.

The Program will also deliver 34km of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths that will link our city's north-east to Yarra River trails and parklands.

To view the North East Link Program website, click here.

Early Works

The North East Link Program awarded the Early Works package to CPB Contractors in September 2019, for works including moving major power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunication lines. Construction for this package is well underway and due for completion in 2022.

Central Package - Tunnels (PPP)

SPARK consortium were awarded the Central Package to build and operate the tunnels in October 2021 and will construct 6.5km of three lane twin tunnels. Once completed, the North East Link Tunnels will be operated and maintained under a 25-year contract.

To view the SPARK - North East Link Program ICN Gateway portal Click Here

Ring Road Completion

Works will include upgrades to the M80 Ring Road from Plenty Road to the M80 Interchange and new freeway carriageways between M80 Interchange to near Richards Avenue.

This will improve traffic flow on the M80 Ring Road with new lanes, up-to-date technology and includes two new green bridges in Watsonia that will connect locals to brand new multi-level train station parking.

Eastern Freeway Upgrades

Works will include upgrades to the Eastern Freeway between Burke Road and Tram Road including a new freeway connection to the North East Link Tunnels at Bulleen. Traffic flow will be improved with express lanes, a brand new park and ride in Bulleen and an upgraded park and ride in Doncaster. A new green bridge in Bulleen will connect Koonung Creek Trail to Yarra River parklands.


Construction on the North East Link tunnels will begin in 2022.

Procurement of the next two packages of works are now underway - the Ring Road Completion and the Eastern Freeway Upgrades.


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Spark is a multi-national consortium featuring world leading construction companies and one of the largest road and tunnel operators in Australia and has awarded the contract to build the North East Link Primary Package PPP. The Spark consortium consists of WeBuild, GS Engineering and Construction, CPB Contractors, China Construction Oceania, Ventia, Capella Capital, John Laing Investments, DIF and Pacific Partnerships.

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