Crudine Ridge Wind Farm, NSW

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  Ian Hudson
  (02) 6360 8422

  Locations: NSW Australia
  Project Status: Early Works

Project Details

The Crudine Ridge Wind Farm is an approved wind energy project near Pyramul, NSW, situated approximately 45 km south of Mudgee. The Project received approval from the NSW Planning Assessment Commission on May 10, 2016, and Commonwealth Minister for the Environment and Energy on April 4, 2017. 

The Project will consist of 37 wind turbine generators, internal access roads and electrical reticulation, a substation, switching station and 16 km of 132 kV transmission line. The Project is expected to commence construction in the second quarter of 2018 and local suppliers and contractors are encouraged to register their interest.

CWP Renewables, is the developer of the Crudine Ridge wind farm. CWP Renewables is an integrated renewable energy developer and asset manager with a combined track record of over 4,200 MW of global renewable energy experience since mid 1990s. The CWP Renewables team brings a wealth of multi-disciplinary skills and expertise across the project development life cycle from planning and pre-construction through to financial close, construction and operations.

The project is still in the development stage, but Zenviron is engaged to assist with current feasibility activities. Zenviron is in a consortium with GE Renewable Energy who will be supplying the wind turbine generators. Zenviron will execute the onsite construction activities, turbine component transport and also turbine erection activities.

Potential suppliers of goods and services for the project are asked to register their interest in the relevant work packages below. The responses to the questions that are asked during the EOI registration process, along with the data already contained in the company profile, will be used to determine which potential suppliers are invited to tender once financial close has been completed.


Work Packages

To submit an expression of interest, select the icon next to the work package scope you are interested in.

Accommodation providers14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Short or medium accommodation for site management, construction workers and/or visitors.
Blasting Services14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Pre-blasting of existing ground to assist excavation.
Civils and Earthmoving Services14 Feb 1816 Mar 1816 Mar 18
Construction of approximately 35km of access tracks around the site, excavation of turbine foundations, backfill and compaction.
Cleaning for Main Construction Compound14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Periodic cleaning and minor maintenance of temporary construction facilities.
Concrete Aggregate Supply14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Supply to site of aggregates suitable for concrete manufacture.
Concrete Placing and Finishing14 Feb 1816 Mar 1816 Mar 18
Placement of concrete for wind turbine foundation blinding and placement and finishing of reinforced concrete wind turbine footings.
Concrete Supply and Onsite Batching14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Supply of concrete to be used in foundation blinding and wind turbine foundations up to 450m3 per single pour.
Construction equipment - hire sales and maintenance14 Feb 1816 Mar 1816 Mar 18
Provision of wet and dry hire construction equipment services including site spec vehicles, generators, tools, consumables, etc.
Crane Hire14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Wet and dry hire of mobile construction cranes for general construction and/or wind turbine erection.
Diesel Supply14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Supply to site of diesel fuel and or storage solutions during construction.
Earth Moving and Construction Equipment14 Feb 1816 Mar 1816 Mar 18
Provision of wet and dry hire construction equipment including heavy earthmoving, skid steer, loaders, articulated dump trucks, etc.
Environmental Consultants14 Feb 1816 Mar 1816 Mar 18
Site investigation, reporting and consultancy services to support construction.
Fencing Contractors14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Modification of existing agricultural fences and gates, supply and erection of new fencing, supply and install security fencing.
Geotechnical Testing14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Geotechnical investigation and reporting.
Grout product suppliers and installers14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Supply of specified structural grout, installation of grout.
Onsite sewerage treatment plant and/or pump out services14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Provision of onsite sewerage treatment plant and/or pump out services
Reinforcement installation contractors14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Reinforcement handling and placement services.
Reinforcing steel suppliers14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Supply of specified and scheduled reinforcement materials.
RMS accredited road constructor14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
RMS accredited contractor for road modifications and repairs.
Sand suppliers14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Supply of specified sand for cable backfilling.
Telecommunications services14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Installation of temporary construction telephone and radio services infrastructure, supply and installation of permanent voice and data infrastructure.
Temporary building hire14 Feb 1816 Mar 1816 Mar 18
Supply and installation of temporary construction buildings and ammenities, construction of decks, roof covers and portable ammenities.
Water carting services14 Feb 1816 Mar 18 
Wet and dry hire of water carts.
Building contractor14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Construction of a multipurpose slab on ground office facility for aprox 12 operational crews as well as a steel framed warehouse for spares and maintenance.
Container Hire14 Feb 1816 Apr 18 
Delivery and hire of shipping containers for construction storage.
Electrical Installation14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Electrical services for temporary site locations and Services building and warehouse.
Electrical Wholesalers14 Feb 1816 Apr 18 
Supply of electrical cabling, fixtures, fittings, conduits, etc.
Engineering Services Including Steel Fabricated Warehouse14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Design and/or construction of a steel framed warehouse
Events functions and catering facilities and providers14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Provision of general food services to support construction crew lunches and morning teas. Special events / functions catering.
Fire alarm and fire extinguisher services and safety testing 14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Fire services subcontracting services, supply, signage and testing of portable fire appliances.
High voltage commissioning and safety testing14 Feb 1816 Apr 18 
Installation of cabling, earthing systems, switchgear, testing and commissioning.
Inground trenching and cable installation services14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Excavation of trenching for inground cabling including backfill, sand, protection, identification and testing.
Landscaping and site remediation services14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Provision of materials and labour for landscaping, ground stabilisation and remediation.
Overhead transmission line construction 33kV and 132 kV14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Supply and installation of OHL cables, poles and connections, drilling of pole foundations, supply of grouting and erection of poles, stringing, testing and commissioning of lines.
Plumbing Works14 Feb 1816 Apr 18 
Plumbing and drainage services for temporary site locations and Services building and warehouse.
Scrap metal dealers14 Feb 1816 Apr 18 
Collection of scrap metal from site and recycling.
Sign writers and signage suppliers14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Design, manufacture and installation of temporary and permanent signage.
Training - occupational health and first aid14 Feb 1816 Apr 1816 Apr 18
Provision or RTO training services such as first aid, driver training, verification of competency, working at heights, fauna handling, etc.