Melbourne Metro Rail - Independent Reviewer

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Andrew Bradley
+61 447 446 091

  Locations: VIC Australia
  Project Status: Request for Proposal (RFP)
  Project Owner Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources | Transport

Project Details

Melbourne Metro Rail - Independent Reviewer

Consistent with precedent transactions of the size and type of the Metro Tunnel, an organisation or group of organisations is required to act as an Independent Reviewer to the State, Project Co, the Train Franchisee and the Tram Franchisee.

The Independent Reviewer has a significant role in relation to the Metro Tunnel Project, specifically during the D&C Phase of the Tunnel and Stations PPP. The key function of the Independent Reviewer is to ensure the proper fulfillment by Project Co of its obligations as set out in the Project Agreement. An important additional role will be to monitor and determine compliance with the CIM regime between Work Packages and the HCMT PPP.

The IR Services are separated into two phases:

  •  Advanced Works Phase Services (Phase 1) IR Services relating to the review of Advanced Works delivered by the Preferred T&S PPP Respondent during the Advanced Works Phase (prior to Financial Close)
  • D&C Phase Services (Phase 2) IR Services relating to the review of Project Co works during the D&C Phase of the Tunnel and Stations PPP (from Financial Close).

The scope of the independent reviewer role is to perform all of the functions conferred on the Independent Reviewer, and to do all things or tasks the Independent Reviewer must do to comply with its obligations under the following agreements:

  • the Independent Reviewer Deed of Appointment (Advanced Works)
  • the Independent Reviewer Deed of Appointment
  • the Advanced Works Deed
  • the Project Agreement
  • the Downstream Independent Reviewer Contracts
  • any other State Project Document

These functions include but are not limited to:

  • ensuring ongoing compliance with the relevant safety requirements in accordance with the Project Documents
  • reviewing and commenting on design packages to ensure compliance with the PS&TR (including reviewing for compliance with Franchisees standards) and the Design Documentation in accordance with the Design Review Process as outlined in the Project Documents
  • reviewing geotechnical and building monitoring data for compliance with the PS&TR
  • regular monitoring and reporting to the State regarding the progress of the Works. This includes ensuring that construction is in line with the approved IFC designs and Management Plans and the quality of the Works is in compliance with the PS&TR.  It is expected that the Independent Reviewer will access the site to review the quality and of the Work and will attend all tests and certify completion of tests
  • preparing additional reports if requested by the State, Project Co or the Train Franchisee
  • certifying the achievement of project milestones, including certifying the completion and integration of some works performed by RSA and RIA (e.g. CIMs)
  • reviewing and commenting on proposed remediation plans and monitoring their implementation
  • issuing directions in relation to interference (excluding industrial relations issues and public interference), obstruction (man-made or otherwise) and nuisance
  • attending project meetings with Project Co and the State
  • receiving, reviewing and commenting on Project Cos design and construction monthly progress reports
  • reviewing and commenting  on Management Plans and the Program for compliance with the PS&TR, including departures, updates and/or claims and verifying compliance with these Management Plans and D&C Program
  • identifying defects and assessing the rectification of defects
  • determining claims for extensions of time for the Tunnel and Stations and time / delay impacts associated with works by the alliance packages
  • determining / assessing delay mitigation cost impacts associated with interface works between Project Co and the RIA and RSA
  • reviewing Project Cos compliance with Local Content Requirements and other State Requirements
  • reviewing and approving key environmental management documentation as required by the Environmental Management Framework
  • verifying compliance with Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs)
  • verifying compliance with health and safety requirements
  • providing reports to relevant MMRA and Franchisee (where applicable) change control boards
  • reviewing the DOORS database to ensure that Project Co has appropriately updated the database to demonstrate compliance with the PS&TR and the Franchisees standards
  • review Project Cos demonstration of compliance with the obligations in the CID and the supporting interface obligations in assuring an integrated solution through management of ICDs, IDS and CIMs with RSA, RIA and the HCMT PPP. 

Melbourne Metro Rail Authority | Project Website

Indicative Project Timing

´╗┐Release of RFP - 24th July 2017

RFP Closes - September 2017


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