Kalbar - Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project

About the project proponent

Kalbar Operations Pty Ltd is an Australian company with expertise in mining and ore extraction.

In 2013 Kalbar acquired the Gippsland Mineral Sands Project from Rio Tinto which included the very large Glenaladale deposit.  Since then, through extensive drilling campaigns and advanced analysis methods, Kalbar geologists have discovered and defined a new high value ore body in the eastern part of the Glenaladale deposit which is now the focus of the Fingerboards Project.

About the project

Located about 250 kilometres east of Melbourne, the Glenaladale deposit is one of the largest mineral sands deposits in the world, with a JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) resource of 2.7 billion tonnes of heavy mineral.

The Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project focuses on a high-grade area of the Glenaladale orebody in the eastern part of the deposit located about 20 kilometres north west of Bairnsdale.  Kalbar proposes to extract 170 million tonnes of ore to produce around 8 million tonnes of heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) over 15 years.  The project area is approximately 1,675 hectares and the total area to be mined is approximately 1,100 hectares.


For more information, visit www.fingerboardsproject.com.au

Project schedule

Construction is planned to start in Mid-2024. Construction and commissioning with take approximately 12 months . Approvals and Permitting with the various regulators ERR, DELWP and EPA will be undertaken during 2022 and 2023.  

Capital Works Overview

The Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project is a greenfield mining project which aims to develop new mining and ore processing facilities and related infrastructure (such as roads, rail, and water).

Latest Project Information & Updates

Please see documents attached under 'Project Documents' section of this page.

Potential opportunities

  • Earthworks/civil works – dams, roads and drainage, concrete, earthen bunds, rail, foundations and hardstand
  • Buildings, structures and mechanical – offices, maintenance workshops, fuel storage, structural steel, cladding, process plant and thickener
  • Electrical and instrumentation – 66 kV and 22 kV, substations, switch rooms, control systems and transmission lines
  • Pipework and pumps – pipelines, pump stations, internal mains, borefield and process water
  • Miscellaneous – consulting rehabilitation services, fencing, security, transport, accommodation, labour hire, catering, plant hire and cleaning

Expressions of Interest (EOI) process

Kalbar is committed to supporting local industry participation and encourages capable local suppliers and contractors to express interest in providing products and services to the Fingerboards Project.

Click here for more information on Kalbar’s Local Content Guidelines.


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Project Documents

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