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Project Details

The West Gate Tunnel Project will deliver a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge, providing a much needed second river crossing facilitating quicker and safer journeys.  It will provide an alternative route from the West Gate Freeway to the CBD and will slash congestion and travel times.

The West Gate Tunnel Project is a partnership between the Victorian Government and Transurban and will be built by construction contractors CPB Contractors and John Holland (CPBJH JV).

Construction is underway and the West Gate Tunnel project will be built over five years from 2018 until 2022. 

The West Gate Tunnel Project will:

  • Give people a choice – the tunnel or the bridge.
  • Extend Wurundjeri Way to provide a city bypass.
  • Remove over 9,000 trucks from local streets and enable 24 hour truck bans in six local roads.
  • Create 6,000 jobs.
  • Construct new twin tunnels under Yarraville.
  • Build a bridge over the Maribyrnong River providing a second river crossing that joins an elevated road along Footscray Road.
  • Provide 9 hectares of new public open space including parkland and wetlands.
  • Widen the West Gate Freeway from 8 to 12 lanes.
  • Build more than 9 kilometres of new and improved noise walls along the West Gate Freeway, making it quieter at houses, parks and sport fields.
  • Complete the missing link in the Federation Trail. 
  • Upgrade major cycling and walking paths including the Kororoit Creek and provide safer off-road cycling paths. 

The Victorian Government is committed to maximising the job and economic benefits generated by the project for local businesses.

By registering an Expression of Interest (EOI) with ICN, businesses have the opportunity to be considered for this major project.


Individuals looking for employment with the CPBJH JV project team should register their interest on the links below:

Expression of Interest - Trades & Labour Roles

Expression of Interest - Salaried Roles


  • Work Packages currently available to submit an initial EOI for are listed below.
  • To submit an initial EOI for the Work Package listed, companies must have an ICN Gateway company profile. Information on how to register your company on ICN Gateway is detailed below.
  • All companies who submit an initial EOI will be included in information presented to the project owner who may require that you follow a detailed EOI process through Felix.
  • It will then be the responsibility of the project owner to make direct contact with your company.
  • The services, programmes and initiatives provided by ICN Victoria are aimed at complimenting a company's existing Sales, Marketing and Business Development strategy and any EOI submitted should not be considered as an alternative to these activities.

International Companies

If you are an international company, without an Australian Business Number (ABN), please contact James Ewenson on email jewenson@icnvic.org.au to be sent the registration template.

Your organisation may then be required to complete and submit a more detailed Prequalification Questionnaire and copies of any supporting documentation.

The West Gate Tunnel Project wish to maximise opportunities for competitive Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) businesses and has submitted a local industry development plan (LIDP) for this project.

CPBJH JV are committed to compliance with the following CPBJH JV Plans and strategies:

  • Victorian Industry Participation Plan (VIPP)
  • Major Project Skills Guarantee Compliance Plan
  • Workforce Development Plan
  • Social Procurement Strategy. 



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Associated Opportunities


Project Documents

Awarded Packages

WGTP - ICN Awarded Packages - 3 Jan 2019

Work Packages

To submit an expression of interest, select the icon next to the work package scope you are interested in.
Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest shown below are subject to change.

V81102-0710 Bored Piling - Hyde Street Bridges 18 Sep 1831 Oct 18 
This scope is for the bored piling which will establish Hyde Street Bridges in area 203 of the West Zone. There will be two separable portions.
V81103-0186 Tunnel Service Pipes and Fittings Etc 20 Jul 1810 Aug 18 
Supply & Delivery of Tunnel Service Pipes, Couplings ,Valves & Manifolds
V81103-0281 Temporary Access Towers17 Jul 1831 Jul 18 
Supply, delivery, erection and dismantling of temporary access towers to existing CityLink ramp viaducts, and other scaffolding works as required.
V81104-0447 Steel Pile Liner Supply17 Jul 1831 Jul 18 
Fabrication, surface coating, supply and delivery to site of compliant steel pile liners for bored piles (1600mm diameter) and driven piles (1600mm/2000mm/2200mm diameter) at bridge locations in the east zone.
V81104-0451 Bridge Cladding17 Jul 1831 Jul 18 
The design, supply of material, fabrication, surface treatment and complete installation of all bridge cladding, architectural screens including acrylic panels and/or fins on bridges BR50, BR51, BR52 & BR53 in the east zone.
V81104-0559 Jetty Fabrication Package CLOSES 23 JULY 201817 Jul 1831 Jul 18 
Jetty Fabrication - East Zone Package 0559
V81104-0573 Sheet Pile Supply17 Jul 1830 Jul 18 
Fabrication, supply and delivery to site of approx. 1000t of sheet piles. (Interest in the availability of a buy back option of sheet piles.)
V81104-0577 Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints17 Jul 1831 Jul 18 
The design, supply of material, fabrication, surface treatment for the bearing plates, complete supply and delivery of all bridge bearings for bridges in the east zone. Scope also includes fabrication, supply and delivery of expansion joints for bridges
V81104-0675 Fabricated Steel Girders25 Sep 1822 Oct 18 
The works associated with the fabrication and delivery of steel girders to the Maribyrnong Bridge Steel Superstructures including but not limited to:
- Design, detailing, drawing development and software modelling;
- Perform all necessary temporary works inclusive of design;
- Fabrication of steel plates, beams/girders to the quality standards specified by CPBJH JV (including VicRoads);
- Handling and storage of all fabricated goods; and
- Logistics associated with the transport and delivery of all fabricated goods to the site locations nominated by CPBJH JV.
V81104-XXXX Crawler Crane Hire PACKAGE CLOSES 17 AUG 201813 Aug 1827 Aug 18 
Works to be undertaken at the East Zone of the West Gate Tunnel Project (Project) include the construction of overhead structures with components weighing up to 280T.
To ensure the safe and efficient performance of these works, the Project requires the supply of crawler crane plant ranging from 100-700T capacity with some configurations expected to require super lifts. It is anticipated that the preferred vendor shall have the resource capacity to meet demanding Project requirements.
Interested participants shall note that the supply is dry hire only and the period of hire shall range from 6 months to 2 years in duration.
V81104-XXXX Rigging Gear PACKAGE CLOSES 4 SEP 201830 Aug 1814 Sep 18 
Works to be undertaken at the East Zone of the West Gate Tunnel Project (Project) include the lifting of equipment and structures.
The Project seeks expression of interest from providers with regard to the supply, tag and inspection of rigging gear. This includes, but is not limited to chains, slings, hooks, material cages, FSWR and other rigging materials utilised for lifting purposes.
Interested participants shall note that the period of engagement shall range from 6 months to 3-4 years in duration.
V81105-0213 Lifts - Egress Out and Under1 Dec 1814 Dec 18 
This scope of work covers the design, supply and installation of one number low-rise non-automatically controlled, fully enclosed platform lifts in each of the 9 Egress Out & Under (EOU) areas.
V81105-0430-1 Low Voltage Distribution Boards 9 Jul 1821 Sep 18 
Low Voltage Equipment (above ground) Fabrication and Delivery:
1. 415v & 690v switchboards(41 Unit)
2. Distribution Boards (28 Unit)
3. 415v & 690v Switchboards - Maintenance Invert - (12 Unit)
4. Low Voltage Equipment, UPS System - Maintenance Invert - (5 Unit)
5. Distribution Boards - Maintenance Invert - (72 Unit)
6. Sump Pump / Water Treatment Equipment & Switchboard Motor Control Centre (5 Unit)
V81105-XXXX High Voltage Equipment - Transformers 9 Jul 1824 Aug 18 
Fabricate & Supply:
1. 1000KVA Dry Type 22/0.4kV
2. 1500KVA Dry Type 22/0.69kV
3. 2000KVA Type 22/0.69kV
V81107-0300 Calibration and Test Equipment4 Aug 1818 Aug 18 
Supply of Calibration Equipment at Benalla for Concrete Distribution and Batch Plant Laboratory.
V81107-0306 Lifting Spreader Beams PACKAGE CLOSES 6 AUGUST 20181 Aug 1814 Aug 18 
Design, Manufacture and delivery of LiftingSpreader Bems to lift Precast Concrete Elements and Cages.
Concrete T Beams 90 M long and approx 23 Tonnes
Cages & Strand 100M long approx 16.8 tonnes
V81107-0313 Electrical Reticulation and Commissioning6 Aug 1820 Aug 18 
Supply of Electrical Reticulation and Commissioning at new Precast Concrete Plant at Benalla in Regional Victoria.
V81107-0337 Supply and Install Crane Rails9 Jul 1823 Jul 18 
Overhead crane rail supply and installation inside of the sheds. Must be supplied in accordance to the shed support capabilities.
V81107-0351 Steel Stressing Strand4 Aug 1818 Aug 18 
Supply of Steel Stressing Strand. Seven Wire Ordinary Strand of Normal Diameter 15.2 mm. Minimum Strength of 1750mpa with Low Relaxation Stress Relieved. Minimum Breaking Load of 250KN
V81107-0566 Lamps and Poles4 Aug 1818 Aug 18 
Supply of Electric Lamps and Poles for the New Precast Concrete facility in Benalla Victoria
V81107-0622 Mechanical Services and Maintenance 6 Aug 1820 Aug 18 
Supply of Mechanical Services and Maintenance at Precast Concrete Plant being built at Benalla in Regional Victoria.
V81107-0623 Electrical Maintenance and Services 6 Aug 1820 Aug 18 
Supply of Maintenance and Electrical Services at Precast Concrete Plant being built at Benalla in Regional Victoria.
V81107-XXXX LPG Supply PACKAGE CLOSES 21 SEP 201814 Sep 1828 Sep 18 
Supply of LPG gas for Benalla Precast Plant.
Estimated usage of 10,000 kg per week for around 2 years
V81107-XXXX Crane Maintenance Services4 Aug 1818 Aug 18 
Supply of Crane Maintenance Services at new Precast Facility in Benalla Victoria
V81107-XXXX Mould Stripping Oil4 Aug 1818 Aug 18 
Supply of Mould Stripping Oil for Precast Concrete Plant
V81107-XXXX Septic Tanks4 Aug 1818 Aug 18 
Supply of Septic Tanks
V81107-XXXX Silo 100 Tonne Capacity For Cement Storage4 Aug 1818 Aug 18 
Supply of Cement Storage Silo 100 Tonne Capacity Complete With Jet Pulse Filter and Overfill Protection System
V81107-XXXX Switchboards6 Aug 1820 Aug 18 
Supply of Electrical Switchboards
V81107-XXXX Truck Unloader4 Aug 1818 Aug 18 
Supply of Drive Over Style Truck Unloader
V81107-0104 Supply and Installation of Noise Walls and Retaining Walls - Package CLOSES 16 JULY 201812 Jul 1826 Jul 1826 Jul 18
(A) Supply & Install Retaining Walls, Noise Wall Piles, Pile Capping Beams, Gantry Piles, Training Wall Posts, Cast insitu Pile Caps, Cast Insitu Spread Footings, Shotcrete Walls and Reinforcement including trimming and strip drains, Cast insitu Strip Footings, steel fixings, ragbolts, grout, panel clips, acrylic channels and similar, Acrylic Noise Wall Panels.

(B) Install only Pre-cast Concrete Fascia Panels, Retaining Wall Panels and Concrete Noise Wall Panels.

(C) Remove and disposal of existing Noise Walls.

CPBJH JV - West Gate Tunnel Project - Any Opportunities3 Jul 1730 Jun 2030 Jun 20
Express interest for Any Opportunities that may arise for this project.
Local and Small Business Opportunities to Support the Delivery of the WGTP12 Jul 1830 Jun 20 
The West Gate Tunnel Project is committed to supporting local businesses across Melbourne's Western Suburbs. We would like to connect with local suppliers and businesses who are able to assist with the day to day procurement opportunities that might arise from a Project of this size and nature.

We are also actively encouraging our workforce to shop local, supporting businesses the length of the project from Docklands to Laverton.

The types of goods and services we are potentially looking to procure include, but are not limited to the following:
Workforce Support
Construction support
Health & Fitness
Advisory Services
Office Set-up/Running
Work-life Balance
Event Hosting
Educational programs
Automotive Repairs
Laundry Services

and many more.

If you believe you have something to offer our Project and/or our Workforce, please complete an EOI against this Work Package.