Balla Balla Infrastructure Project


To register an expression of interest for the BBI Project please see the Work Packages section below. 

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BBI Group Pty Ltd (BBIG) is proposing an integrated port and rail system servicing mining operations in the central Pilbara region of Western Australia the Balla Balla Infrastructure Project (BBI Project).


The BBI Project incorporates the following infrastructure components:


The rail component consists of a 165 km single-track standard gauge railway connecting the port with the central Pilbara iron ore region. The railway design is typical of the Pilbara and has the ability to carry 40 tonne axle loads. The current alignment includes a North West Coastal Highway road over rail bridge, two major river crossings and 30 km of drainage culverts.

Port and Marine 

The port site is located approximately halfway between Dampier and Port Hedland, in close proximity to road, gas and electrical infrastructure. 

The port component comprises a landside stockyard and train unloading facility, overland conveyors, and transhipment iron ore export facility at the port site. In-loading conveyors transfer the product from the car dumpers at the port end of the rail, direct to the out-loading conveyor circuit which transfers to the transhipment wharf via a causeway and jetty structure. 

Material may also be shuttled to a dead storage stockpile. Dead storage is reclaimed by mobile plant in the event of sustained train interruptions and transferred. The marine component covers the transhipment shuttle vessels, the navigation channel and the outer anchorage location where product is transferred to the ocean going vessels.

Supporting Infrastructure

Additional supporting infrastructure is required for the BBI Project to facilitate reliable supply of fuel, potable and process/fire water, power and other services.


Approximate Project Value (CAPEX)

>$4 billion AUD

Local and indigenous participation

In line with BBIGs commitment to supporting its communities:

  • local and indigenous vendors are encouraged to register expressions of interest  
  • requirements relating to the engagement of local and indigenous vendors will be included in the selection criteria


The BBI Project is currently in feasibility study phase and is subject to a number of internal and external approvals. Accordingly, the information above and the scope of the Work Packages that may ultimately be awarded are indicative only and subject to change.

Visit the BBIG website for further details.

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Project at a glance

WA Australia (Onshore)
Bankable Feasibility Study
> $4 billion

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Carla Chilvers
Local Content and AIP Adviser
+61 8 9365 7543

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Accordian collapse

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AccordianPlus Geotechnical Drilling
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