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The Speewah Project is located south-west of Kununurra in the Kimberley region of West Australia. Speewah hosts the largest reported vanadium in titanomagnetite (VTM) resource, and the only JORC compliant Fluorite resource in Australia.

Tivan intends to develop the Speewah through a staged approach commencing with the "Speewah Fluorite Project". Utilising a low impact mining operation, and a simple "crush, grind and float" flowsheet, Tivan intends to build the necessary supporting infrastructure to access the Speewah Valley, in close engagement with Traditional Owners. Tivan is pursuing offtake to benefit from the emerging 'battery-F' value chain, with a target date for fluorite concentrate export in Q4 2026. Pre-feasibility studies into Speewah fluorite are commencing in Q1 2024, and conclude in Q2 2024.

Expanding the development of the Speewah Valley mineral portfolio, Tivan intends to conduct mining, beneficiation and processing utilising the known 'salt roast' technology pathway to produce high purity vanadium oxide products, referred to as the "Speewah Vanadium Project". Offtake will target Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) markets, including the Tivan Vanadium Electrolyte (TVE) plant to be built at the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct (MASDP) in Darwin Northern Territory, in conjunction with downstream partners. Pre-feasibility studies into Speewah vanadium are to commence in Q1 2024, and conclude in Q3 2024.

Tivan, through engagement with CSIRO, is also developing the TIVAN+ critical minerals processing technology. Tivan+ is a novel mineral process for recovery of vanadium, titanium and iron products from VTM and ilmenite concentrates. The technology will be demonstrated at the Tivan+ Pilot Plant (TPP) to be constructed at East Arm, Darwin, and the full scale Tivan+ Process Facility (TPF) is planned at MASDP. Operation of the TPF will be conducted under Technology License Agreement (TLA) with CSIRO. Initial testwork by CSIRO is expected to be completed in Q2 2024, with Tivan commencing PFS level engineering on the Tivan+ process technology in Q3 2024.

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