Arrow Energy

Arrow Energy operates from five fields in Queensland’s Surat and Bowen basins.

Surat Basin

Arrow Energy has operated in the Surat Basin for more than 15 years. It is now the site of the new Surat Gas Project (SGP).

The SGP is underpinned by a December 2017 deal with the Shell-operated joint venture. This deal has allowed Arrow to take advantage of existing QGC-operated infrastructure to reduce our impacts on landholders and communities.

Following our Shareholders’ investment announcement, Arrow sanctioned the first phase of the SGP in April 2020.

Phase one includes more than 600 wells to be drilled from 2020, focusing on an expansion between Arrow’s current operational areas at Daandine and Tipton.

This initial phase will see construction of Inlet Processing Facilities (IPFs) at Shell-QGC operated David and Harry Field Compression Stations.

IPFs will enable Arrow to supply gas from its operational fields under the gas sales agreement.

Arrow will continue to use its existing gas compression facilities at Daandine and Tipton, with upgrades to the Tipton Central Gas Processing Facility.

Phase one also includes upgrades and connection to water treatment facilities.

In addition to using Arrow’s existing water treatment facilities which will be improved through upgrades to Arrow’s Tipton and Daandine Water Treatment Plants, Arrow will send water to the Shell-QGC operated Kenya Water Treatment facility.

Two new brine storage ponds will be constructed at the facility to support water treatment for beneficial use.

Bowen Basin

Arrow Energy is unlocking the CSG potential of the Bowen Basin step by step.

PL486, Arrow's petroleum lease located about 20km north-west of Moranbah, is the starting location for a two-year, $100m program to refine Arrow’s Bowen-specific drilling and completions techniques.

This work will determine the next steps - which may include a phased expansion to unlock Arrow’s whole Bowen Basin resource, underpinned by optimal, cost-effective techniques for sustained commercial production.

The full scope and timing of the proposed Bowen Gas Project (BGP) are not known. Investment decisions are a matter for the Shareholders.

In October 2018 the Federal Government approved both the

  • Species Impact Management Plan (SIMP) and
  • BGP Offset Strategy for Phase 1.  

More information is available from

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