Eagle Downs Metallurgical Coal

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Jatin Patel
Procurement Engineering Specialist
+61 7 3364 0670

  Locations: QLD Australia
  Project Value: TBA after FID
  Project Status: Final Investment Decision (FID) process
  Project Owner Eagle Downs Coal Management Pty Ltd

Project Details

Project overview

The Eagle Downs Metallurgical Coal Project is located in the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland.

The Project involves construction, development and operation of an underground longwall hard coking coal mine, Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) and associated infrastructure. Eagle Downs Coal Management Pty Ltd (EDCM) is delivering the project under a joint venture of Aquila Coal Pty Ltd and South32 Eagle Downs Pty Ltd, the Eagle Downs Metallurgical Coal Joint Venture  .

Coal will be transported by conveyor from the mine to a CHPP where it will be crushed, sized and washed before being transported to a export coal facility.

Project location

The Project is located within the Bowen Basin of Central Queensland near the BMA Peak Downs mine, approximately 25km south of the centre of Moranbah.

The mining lease (ML 70389) covers an area of approximately 4,550 hectares (ha). The BMA Peak Downs mine is located approximately two kilometres (km) to the west, while the Norwich Park Branch railway line is located in the south-east corner of the Project area.

The site is owned by a single landowner. The land has been used for grazing and is within the jurisdiction of the Isaac Regional Council.

Project Timelines

The project is currently in the study phase and will be seeking final investment decision in the second half of 2020.

The Expression of Interest Process:

All potential subcontractors and suppliers are encouraged to register their interest via the ICN Gateway website in order to be considered.

The Expression of Interest Process is summarised in the steps below:

  1. Companies complete ICN Gateway EOI
  2. ICN assess & provide initial shortlist recommendations
  3. EDCM validates ICN shortlist.
  4. EDCM prequalifies the shortlisted companies
  5. Issue RFT to final shortlisted tenderers.

If not registered with ICN, Companies must create a profile on the ICN web page - Click here

Please note- An EOI does not guarantee that you will receive request for quotation documentation. Eagle Downs Metallurgical Coal will only invite prequalification and/or tender from suppliers with demonstrated capability and capacity. It is essential that your company profile on ICN Gateway is complete, up-to-date and accurate.


Work Packages

To edit or submit an expression of interest, select the icon next to the package you are interested in.
Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest shown below are subject to change.


132kV 11kV Electrical Switchyard Design and Construct Contract23 Sep 201909 Oct 2019 
Lump sum design and construction of the 132kV / 11kV Electrical Switchyard.
This scope of works covers the design and construction (D&C) of the Eagle Downs 132/11kV Main Substation, consisting of the following components:
. 132kV transmission line modifications to connect into 132/11kV Main Switchyard;
. A 132/11kV Main Switchyard;
. A 11kV Main Switchroom;
. 11kV cabling to the No.1 underground ventilation Fan and connection onto the vent fan high voltage termination bus;
. Temporary 11kV cabling to the first pole MF1-1 of the Existing OXYGEN Single Circuit OHL and connection onto it.
Further specific details will be provided within the formal tender documentation.
701a Water Storage Dam construction23 Sep 201909 Oct 2019 
Construction of a permanent dam with an approximate storage capacity of 108ML to collect mine affected water including the storage of drift development and vent shaft drilling water. Further specific details will be provided within the formal tender documentation.
The Water Storage Dam designated as DM701A is a cut in ground / 'hole in ground' water storage dam.
The dam will include an allowance for a nominal 0.5m sedimentation buffer, which is to be classed as 'dead storage'. At spillway level, the dam will have an approximate volume of 108ML not including 'dead storage'. The overall purpose of this dam is to retain varying qualities of water, to limit the risk of unreleased outflows into the receiving environment. The dam will mainly collect water from surface water flows during rain events and from overflows from the existing site dams.
There will also be two diversion drains constructed in this package of works. The purpose of these drains will be to divert surface water flows to limit the reporting catchment of 'DM701A'.
Development Equipment - Procurement23 Sep 201909 Oct 2019 
The design and supply of development equipment for an underground coal mining operation which is capable of supporting a longwall coal operation.
Procurement is for the supply of three standard development units including the development transformer (continuous miner, shuttle car, breaker feeder, auxiliary fan, DCB, supply pods). Equipment is to be designed for a development roadway of 5.4m wide and 3.7m, forming longwall gateroads and Main headings high using in-place roof and rib support. Equipment must be suitable for working on gradients up to 1:6 and be able to form cut throughs at 90 degrees. Suppliers should consider equipment with low floor bearing pressures as the HCU seam is likely to have weak floor which is reactive to water. Dust reduction should also be considered.
Further specific details will be provided within the formal tender documentation.
Eagle Downs Metallurgical Coal- General Expression of Interest18 Jun 201931 Dec 2020 
This is general EOI for any opportunities that may arise for this project. The project is expecting to do work package specific EOI after the Final Investment Decision (FID) made in mid 2020. The companies expressing interest for this package along with other companies with appropriate notification preference on ICN gateway will be notified when the detailed work packages are listed.
Gas Commercialisation13 Mar 202029 Mar 2020 
EDCM is assessing its options for gas commercialisation and behind the meter electricity supply for its underground mine and surface processing facility for inclusion in the Final Investment Decision (FID). The electricity is to be generated from an Independent power station utilising the gases generated by EDCM's metallurgical coal mining operations. The gases available will be Underground to In-Seam gas (UIS), Surface to In-Seam gas (SIS) and goaf gas. The volumes and availability of each of these gases is dictated largely by mining operations and will be delivered via a Gas Drainage Plant and pipeline to the boundary of the power station.

The Works are to be provided on a build, own and operate basis, services are to include:
i) Project statutory approvals
ii) Project management
iii) Design
iv) Procurement
v) Transportation and logistics
vi) Civil works
vii) Installation
viii) Commissioning
ix) Operation and maintenance
In-Seam Development10 Oct 201923 Oct 2019 
The In-Seam development will be a single construct only package on a schedule of rate which include the construction the following activities and driveage in the HCU seam:
- Connection to the main ventilation shaft inclusive of all support work
- Development of main headings
- Development of the maingate and tailgate roadways for longwall
- Development of longwall installation roadways including widening
- Development of longwall bleeder with two cut-throughs connecting to the longwall installation roadways with provision for pumping/upcast shaft
- Development services
- Development support
- Development ventilation
- Stone driveage is to be allowed for with the construction of ventilation overcasts, transport underpasses and fault driveage
- The coal clearance conveyor to be advanced as part of the Mains development
- The tailgate and maingate conveyors are to be used for development purposes only
Longwall Equipment - Procurement23 Sep 201909 Oct 2019 
The design and supply of a longwall for an underground coal mining operation which is capable of supporting the coal operation. The longwall will initially mine the Harrow Creek Upper (HCU) seam, with a working range of 3.0-4.5m. The supply will be for two longwall systems 330m wide (one complete, one excluding roof supports) including pump stations, transformers, monorail system, critical spares, monorail sleds, chain spools/boats, cable boats etc.
Further specific details will be provided within the formal tender documentation.
RO Water Treatment Plant23 Sep 201909 Oct 2019 
Lump sum design and construction of a package 250kL/day water treatment plant to be installed on site.
The water treatment plant is to treat saline mine affected water for reuse of permeate on the project in construction activities.
Further specific details will be provided within the formal tender documentation.
Surface Infrastructure Owners Engineer10 Aug 202024 Aug 2020 
EDCM is inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) from suitably qualified technical professional services companies for the provision of Surface Infrastructure Owners' Engineer to Eagle Downs Metallurgical Coal Project.