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Matrix Composites & Engineering specialises in the design, engineering, and manufacture of composite and advanced material technology solutions for the civil and infrastructure, resources, oil and gas, defence, and transportation industries. With more than 20 years' experience, we have a reputation as an industry leader in syntactic foam solutions and subsea buoyancy and have become a major exporter of Australian goods and services worldwide. Using proprietary polymer composite and chemical technologies, Matrix develops and manufactures a range of high performing solutions to lighten the load, maintain capability and assure delivery in complex and harsh environments. Matrix have a large research and development office run by scientists and material engineers from a broad spectrum of industry disciplines. We are an Australian based company that services the international market via a global network of agents, distributors and subsidiaries and currently exports to over 30 countries.

Products and Services

  • Large Composite Structures
  • Syntactic foams
  • Long and short fibre reinforced thermosets
  • Long and short fibre reinforced thermoplastics
  • Filled Polyurethanes
  • Subsea Buoyancy
  • Bend Restrictors
  • Piggyback, Riser & Pipeline Clamps
  • Composite Centralisers
  • VIV Suppression
  • Offshore Services
  • Hyperbaric Testing


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 45001

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Head Office | Manufacturing, Sales and Service Facility | Warehouse
150 Quill Way
Henderson WA 6166
ABN  54009435250
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+61 8 8322 6700
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Baron Rubber is a global leader in the supply of silicone, rubber and plastic components, specialising in compounding, injection and compression moulding, post processing including sub-assemblies and testing for the industrial, consumer, recreational and med-tech markets. The company has also now expanded into recycled rubber waste materials. Baron Rubber's capabilities and services include; - Rubber injection moulding, - Silicone injection moulding, - LSR injection moulding, - Plastic injection moulding, - Rubber mixing & compounding, - Two part bonding; rubber-to-metal or rubber-to-plastic, & Baron Rubber specialises in; - Defence components, - Medical devices, - Consumer products, - Mining sector, - Aerospace, & now - Recycled waste materials. Baron Rubber's production facilities are located in Victoria, Australia and Shanghai, China. All their facilities adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices and are ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified with clean room facilities.
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anything you need to liaise point A to point B
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