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Jobfit Health Group is one of Australia's leading occupational health and medical providers, with over 30 wholly owned and operated medical centres across Australia employing more than 300 staff. Jobfit offers a broad range of occupational healthcare services in both metropolitan and regional locations across Australia, and overseas. Pre-employment medical bookings can be made online, and results issued within 24 hours. Jobfit is a division of Fullerton Health Corporation, a leading provider of corporate healthcare across Asia Pacific.

Products and Services

  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Injury management and prevention
  • Onsite medical services
  • Health and wellness programs

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Contact Details

Jobfit Wayville (Head Office)
47 Greenhill Road
Wayville SA 5034
1300 616 165
ABN  40083014340
+61 08 9242 0800
Sonic HealthPlus Pty Ltd is Australia's leading provider of occupational healthcare and general medical services. Sonic HealthPlus is a truly national company with wholly owned clinics operating in metropolitan, regional and remote locations across the country. Sonic HealthPlus has extensive experience providing occupational healthcare and general medical services through fully integrated and efficient solutions encompassing pre-employment assessments, occupational specific assessments, injury management, general medicine, allied health services, emergency medical management. With 42 wholly-owned clinics, and a network of over 300 alliance clinics Nationwide, our mission is to deliver best-practice healthcare solutions to clients through our national network of medical centres, site services and alliance clinics. We aim to build long-term, positive relationships with our patients, our clients and our local communities.
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+61 2 9372 2400
International SOS has for over 30 years pioneered the delivery of integrated remote site medical and security services (onshore & offshore) to the energy, mining & infrastructure sector We are one of the few site medical services providers in the world that have had our global remote site operations and clinical governance ISO 9001 certified. We offer: Medical and security staffing -ESO/ERT's,Doctors, paramedics, registered nurses Medical & security evacuation services Onsite medical services & telemedicine support Medical & security consulting Occupational health services-pre- employment/periodic/exit medicals Onsite OH reporting & trend analysis Site health reviews Emergency response plans Medical site facility management including vessel & rig audits Medical equipment & medication purchasing Malaria management services Medical & security assistance with 24/7 operations centres In Australia, we have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Canberra
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+61 08 8447 2017
Sitemed provides onsite health and emergency response services including paramedics, nurses, doctors and fire and rescue officers supported by our allied health team to manage rehabilitation and return to work. We provide full onsite medical centres, emergency response vehicles, ambulances and fire trucks, e-medicine with full company doctor oversight. Full range of occupational health services including pre-employment medicals, health screening and health promotion activities, drug and alcohol testing, ergonomics and manual handling. We will come to the site or at the planning stage prepare a medical risk assessment based on location, staffing, operations, availability of public emergency response resources and prepare recommendations for medical equipment, onsite medical services and liaisons with external emergency agencies including a private aero-medical evacuation response if required. Sitemed will ensure all compliances with poisons and ambulance licences are in place.
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