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NT Scaffolds was founded in 2005 by Deni Mitev and Brendon Murdock who have a combined knowledge of over 30 years, with a total understanding of what it takes to operate a successful scaffolding business NTS remains 100% Territory owned and operated business that has been profitable throughout history and owns all of our equipment and transport

Products and Services

  • Modular - Wedgelock, Cuplock
  • Tube and Coupler
  • Aluminium Mobile Towers
  • Material Hoists
  • Stairs and other Scaffold Accessories
  • Mast Climbers


  • Contractors Accreditation Limited (CAL)
  • Federal Safety AS4801 Compliant
  • Shell Supplier Qualification System
  • ICN Gateway
  • Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC Certifier)
  • NT Ochre Card (Working with Children)
  • Australian Industry & Defence Network NT

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Contact Details

Warehouse & Yard
22 Farrell Crescent
Winnellie NT 0820
+61 8 8947 5592
+61 413 720 388
ABN  64122823198
Engineering Technologies Group (ETG) is a company providing an experienced team focused on the management of the processes related to all accesses of construction in Design, Construction and Refurbishment industry. ETG specialises in Project Management/Controls, Multi-services Building Services Design and Building Services Commissioning Management (SCM). In todays' modern buildings, building services systems are entwined with each other, creating widespread functionality and interdependency. Each system needs to share information and react as a whole if design concepts, energy conservation and occupancy satisfaction and safety are to be achieved effectively, timely and efficiently. Commissioning encompasses the umbrella of tasks, documentation, standards, testing, preparation, start up and configuration required to take a static system through to a fully operational, compliant and functional system.
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+61 8 9537 6803
FRC Group are a concrete and civil contracting specialists, providing quality services and products for small to major commercial, civil and mining projects across Western Australia. Boasting over 15 years speciality experience across of range of industry sectors, we pride ourselves in our commitment to quality work, utilising the best in technology for the best possible result, and in developing long-term and lasting relationships throughout the construction industry in Western Australia and beyond. At FRC Group we provide specialist contracting in: All on-site placement of concrete, including ground and suspended slabs, columns, walls and footings. Civil construction Detailed earth works Formwork, concrete, reinforcement supply and install Plant hire Skilled labor hire Our business is built upon a core team of professional and motivated people with the knowledge, experience and passion to not only meet our clients' requirements, but to exceed them.
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+61 08 8932 5000
NT Link provides high quality temporary and permanent transportable building solutions throughout Northern and remote Australia. We specialise in providing building industry solutions from small residential, to large commercial and industrial projects. Our building rental fleet has in excess of 1,200 buildings, we have a purpose built manufacturing facility in Darwin and an extensive plant & equipment fleet to handle all transport and installation. The business has a strong focus on Indigenous training and and seen a number of people pass through NT Link's apprenticeship program.
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