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Don Alan systematically designs and supplies electronic assemblies that enable customers to deliver extra ordinary value. We do this by providing customers with the IP to take control of their product and having an innovative supply chain that sets a new benchmark for industry. We have been operating since 1992, designing and supplying electronic modules and assemblies for niche, unique, new market or game changing solutions, working areas of Industrial, Defense, Agricultural, Power, internet connectivity, radio frequency and HVAC (heating, ventilation air-conditioning) with electronic engineers and design consultants. We work with an electronic supply chain planning and management in China with automated testers for electronic module manufacture. Our operations are based in Adelaide, South Australia and supply modules for a broad spectrum of industries and uses. Making a product reliable, low cost and getting it to market in a short time frame requires some real skills.

Products and Services

  • Design and Manufacture of electronic products such as:
  • Power, RF and Analogue electronics
  • Industrial controllers
  • Electronics for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Electronic Tollway (ETC) systems and tags
  • Internet of Things for Home Automation
  • Internet of Things for Industrial Control
  • Power Inductors and Transformers
  • Compact and fold-able electronic modules
  • Explosion Protected Electronics including Intrinsic Safety
  • Lithium Batteries for UPS, Storage and Military
  • Electronics systems for Lithium Batteries for UPS, Storage and Defence
  • Additional Services:
  • Electronic circuit simulation
  • Consulting on Electronics design and Application
  • Electronic Engineering
  • RF Consulting
  • Design for replacement of obsolete modules and components
  • Specialized measurement and testing apparatus
  • Design of plastic parts including injection molding tooling


  • Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN)
  • Electronics Industry Development Adelaide (EIDA)
  • IEEE Senior Member and IET memberships

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Main Office and Facility
26 Bacon Street
Hindmarsh SA 5007
+61 8 8241 5690
ABN  42072641564
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