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MyModular Pty Ltd products are used for purpose-built modular wiring solutions and electrical installs that truly puts the power back in your hands. Our ability is to seamlessly adapt to practically every install application across almost any construction category is truly unique and can be attributed to the two key design principles established early in its development. MyModular can work in commercial, health, residential, volume housing, high density residential or modular buildings and we have an In-house engineering and technical team who can work closely with you on your project design. Custom drawings can be provided for seamless flow from design to product installation onsite. We can deliver solutions and schedules to suit a wide variety of project types. Our clients include Blacktown Hospital Redevelopment, Calvary Adelaide Hospital, Canberra Airport, and 727 Collins Street Tower 2.

Products and Services

  • Design and Consultancy
  • Drawings
  • MLEX
  • WireByClick
  • ELV-Lite

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5 Ellemsea Circuit
Lonsdale SA 5160
ABN  15603410073
+61 02 8785 4600
Founded in 1945, Hydraulink are a leading manufacturer & supplier of hose and fittings, with over 400 service points throughout Australia, New Zealand & the Asia Pacific Region. We operate a 24/7 mobile service, allowing you to rely on us whenever you need assistance - anytime, day or night. We are committed to getting your business back on track with minimal downtime. In addition to our supply, manufacture and 24/7 service, we also supply custom containerised hose workshops & manufacture & install OEM kits. From our rapid repair service to workshop expertise and on-site support at remote large-scale projects, Hydraulink are there to give you the right products and services at the right time. Our goal is to deliver maximum value alongside unparalleled service, creating long-term business relationships. Hydraulink are an experienced, trusted brand built on excellent service, supplying fast, effective & reliable hydraulic hoses, fittings & services to various industries
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+13 00 84 8698
At SSS Pty Ltd we strongly believe in meeting and exceeding client expectations by offering bespoke solutions and nurturing a mutually beneficial long term relationship. This is reflected in our modern approach of risk-based analysis of all of the clients factors, rigorous quality standards for operatives and selective matching to ensure operative and client satisfaction- proactively adding value by supporting your image or brand and supporting all of this with innovative technology.
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+61 02 9525 9001
Established in 1988, Comtex Group now specializes in the Data, Fibre Optic Communications, Electrical installations ,DAS installations,GPON Installations and Security systems . We have extensive experience and a proven track record in the successful management and delivery, as per program, of small, medium and large scale projects, covering a diverse range of obligations. Comtex Group is a totally independent, private company that is 100% Australian owned.
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